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Why Do People Wear Bras Every Day

To wear or not to wear is the question. Some perceive girls without bras calmly, some consider it defiant. But one thing is clear to all the ladies: finding a comfortable model of underwear is a worse test than in the Fort Boyard quest. Then one should wonder why women wear bras in general. Perhaps it’s just a habit – like making your bed in the morning. Possibly a social obligation. Or perhaps bras are good for the breasts and still worth wearing.

We approached the question of whether it’s time to give up a bra in detail and came to some interesting conclusions.

When were bras invented and what was before?

Before our era, Egyptian women tied their breasts with a dense linen cloth, since small breasts were in fashion. And girls with a magnificent bust were believed to resemble commoners. Bandages for tightening the chest were also popular in Ancient Greece.

In the Middle Ages in Spain, because of the fashion for small breasts, girls were forced to wear lead plates to keep the bust flat. And in France in 1370 a law was passed according to which women were required to support their breasts with a lace dress. Corsets were popular everywhere.

At the end of the 19th century, doctors declared war on corsets. The idea was supported by suffragists, who fought against discrimination against women, and the corset made women inactive and suppressive.

The bra familiar to us appeared in 1889, it was sewn by a Frenchwoman Hermine Cadol. There is a legend that one of Hermine’s clients told her that the corset interferes with playing tennis, and the resourceful seamstress cut off the lower part of the corset. Most likely, this is just a legend. But it is clear that the bra was created as a way to free women from an uncomfortable corset. However, it later also came to be perceived as torment and obligation.

When did the girls think about the fact that society obliges them to wear bras?

In 1968, the annual Miss America competition was held, which will be remembered for its protest against the competition itself. The girls threw out feminine items such as false eyelashes, high-heeled shoes, and bras in the trash cans.

It is believed that a bra is a means of changing a woman’s body to the beauty standards of a particular time. Therefore, they came up with fabric bandages, corsets and bras.

A few decades ago, some women spoke about wearing bras like this: “The most outrageous thing is that without a bra you can see nipples. Nipples are indecent. A neckline is good, and the more the better ”; “Men by default think that women’s breasts belong to them and that only they have the right to take off their bras.”

Should we stop wearing a bra for medical reasons?

To date, there is no data that would unequivocally state whether or not to wear a bra. Research is constantly talking about the right and wrong bra. But in practice, when trying on underwear, many people buy that bra that is just comfortable, and possibly also beautiful and inexpensive. Girls often simply do not know what a properly selected bra is. And manufacturers, of course, cannot take into account the fact that 25% of women have breast asymmetry.

Some believe if you stop wearing the bra, the chest will sag. There is no scientific evidence for this fact. Breasts lose their shape due to genetics, hormonal changes and aging, and not due to the abandonment of a bra. Although scientists agree that sagging in curvy ladies can worsen without a bra.

At the same time, a study was conducted that showed that when girls do not wear bras, the condition of their breasts improves since when wearing a bra, the ligaments and muscles cease to function and the chest loses its elasticity.

Neck, back and shoulder pain is a common complaint of many women. It turns out that these pains in girls can be due to the bra if it is chosen incorrectly. In addition, improperly shaped underwear can cause breast disease. At the same time, scientists note that a properly selected bra, on the contrary, can relieve back pain in women with large breasts.

There is a myth that a bra should be discarded because of breast cancer. Obesity may be the cause of this disease, for example, but there is no scientific evidence of a link between cancer and wearing a bra.

It is worth giving up a bra that has expired. Yes, bras have an expiration date too. And this period is quite short. It turns out that if you wear a specific bra at least once a week, then you should say goodbye to it after 8 months since the underwear is stretched and ceases to fulfill its functions.