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There are people who are born with the ability to find common ground and connect with others. They can easily […]

2020 has been hard for so many. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, people are desperate for […]

If you’re living in a four-season country, your mood and well-being have probably decreased proportionally along with daylight and the […]

Adapting the classics is a dangerous business. There is always the risk of missing the cast, redrawing the plot, and […]

Historical literature gives us several unique opportunities. It helps you to construct a complete picture of the past from those […]

There are complicated books. There are simple books. And there are those who capture you, drag you after the characters […]

Everyone believes that their pet is the best in the world. And each of them is absolutely right. If only […]

Keeping the reader in constant tension and telling a truly worthy story is a talent that not every writer has. […]

The writer Joanne Rowling is in second place on the Forbes list of top-paying writers. Moreover, despite the fact that […]

These books are the kind that you cannot close for a minute until you finish the last lines. Sleep, food, […]