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The world of primates is fraught with many mysteries that humans are trying to solve. They are mammals that arouse […]

Despite the general availability of any information, we still do not know much, especially about the life of animals. So, […]

Horses are unique animals. They were a very important, irreplaceable part of human history, and even now help in many […]

Since ancient times, dogs have been a symbol of devotion and unconditional love. They were the first companions of a […]

Tigers can be called the most recognizable large predators from the cat family. The black and orange striped skin of […]

Wolves became a symbol of pride and freedom a very long time ago. True, a lone wolf is covered with […]

In almost every country on Earth, there’s at least one fairy tale in which a fox acts as the main […]

A sloth is a creature that does not take up too much space in your thoughts, which is unfair, since […]