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5 Dangerous Thinking Traps That Pull Us to the Very Bottom

You can say that human actions and behavior are guided by reason and logic. However, if you dig a little deeper, it turns out that the rationality of people is quite exaggerated. Because of the love for labels and templates, and most importantly, the desire for saving resources, the brain of any individual, even the most sane and intellectually developed, is subject to all kinds of cognitive distortions that imperceptibly spoil life.

We were pretty impressed with how thinking mistakes can leave our lifestyle if we don’t recognize them in time and fight them. Therefore, we have selected the most common of them to understand their impact on you.

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5 Books That Teach to Communicate and Talk

There are people who are born with the ability to find common ground and connect with others. They can easily communicate with family, friends, colleagues. But unfortunately, this skill in itself is extremely rare.

So we have compiled for you a selection of books that teach the techniques of mastering the word.

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What Is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and How Does It Work

Have you ever noticed that when we are subconsciously confident in something, in the end, this event happens exactly as we expected? For example, when we are very afraid of being late for work, we will definitely come later than the boss; we do everything so as not to get better, and as a result, we see plus 2 kg on the scales; if you are convinced that the partner is lying to us, then one day we’ll definitely catch them in a lie. And there are many other examples that each of us can recall from our past. What is it really: fate or a self-fulfilling prophecy that we pulled into our lives?

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