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6 Stunning Film Adaptations of Classic Stories

Adapting the classics is a dangerous business. There is always the risk of missing the cast, redrawing the plot, and angering loyal fans. But there are many films, the creators of which have tried their best. They treated the original with care and selected the most talented actors for the main roles.

We adore world classics and are in a hurry to share films that will be interesting both to those who have read these works and to those who have not yet got their hands on them. After watching, you may even want to take a closer look at the original sources.

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6 Iconic Adornments From the World of Cinema That Deserve Attention

We often admire costumes in films – sometimes fashion trends come into our lives not from the catwalks, but from big screens. However, much less often we pay attention to the accessories of actresses in the cinema, and in fact, it is often these small details of the movie that deserve the closest attention.

We decided to recall the brightest and most memorable jewelry from our favorite films. We were very surprised by the fact that almost all of the jewelry is real and sometimes worth a fortune.

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9 Actors Who Almost Lost Their Role Due to a Ridiculous Incident

It is difficult to imagine the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” without Johnny Depp or “Titanic” without Leonardo DiCaprio: without them, these movies would probably lose their charm. As it turned out, some of the world’s famous films could lose the main characters as a result of absurd accidents that happened to the performers of these roles.

We found 9 funny stories from the life of an actor that could make popular films and TV shows a little different.

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10+ Movie Myths That Are Completely False

Spectacular and exciting films impress not only the notorious moviegoers. Those who are well versed in history, physics, and other sciences also watch with enthusiasm modern colorful blockbusters and films based on real events. Still, these people will never miss the opportunity to tell the filmmakers what went so seriously wrong.

We that it’s very good to be an expert in something and notice the bloopers that are not obvious to the vast majority of viewers. In our today’s selection, there are myths that we all believe thanks to cinema.

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6 Korean Movies That May Be Even Better Than “Parasite”

The unprecedented triumph of the Korean movie “Parasite” by Bong Joon-ho took place at the 92nd Academy Awards.

The film won 4 prizes at once and two of them were the most important – for “Best Film” and “Best Director”.

However, this is not the only outstanding film in South Korea.

Moreover, it is not at all significant, especially in comparison with other films, which the viewer could not hear about and which you did not even consider as something to watch in the evening. But you should.

With this material, we will try to tell about the best Korean films.

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