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15 Starbucks Secrets That Even the Most Dedicated Fans Don’t Know

Starbucks Coffee building during daytime

Who among us does not know how pleasant it is to go to a coffee shop, order a large cup of hot cappuccino, sit by the window and just relax. It is clear that Starbucks has chosen its mission to become a third home, which is always a pleasure to return to and stay for an hour. And the popularity of these coffee houses is a clear sign that they are doing well. But even regular customers, who have been visiting them for years and know all the baristas by sight, are unaware of the burning secrets of the company.

We were surprised at how thoughtful and unexpected features Starbucks turned out to have and decided to tell you about them.

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23 Facts About Lost

“Lost”, consisting of 6 seasons and 121 episodes, is one of the most popular TV series of the second half of the 2000s. There is everything you need for a successful project: bright characters and an impressive cast, in which everyone will find a favorite, branched storylines, mysticism, and intrigue.

We watched the life of the characters on the island and the secrets of this place, and decided to be nostalgic by digging up facts about the series.

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20+ Facts About Famous Brands That Turned Out to Be Much Cooler Than We Imagined

Brands are an integral part of our lives. They surround us everywhere: no matter what we do and wherever we go, everywhere we come across advertisements and familiar logos. But what do we know about the companies that define what we eat and wear? It turns out that there are amazing facts in the history of each of them. For example, you hardly knew that the Korean giant Samsung not only produces electronics but also builds ships.

We have studied the history of famous brands and unearthed some really amazing facts that will be a discovery for many.

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20+ Facts About Keanu Reeves, One of the Kindest and Most Generous Actors in Hollywood

Keanu Reeves turns 56 on September 2. Many consider him to be one of the most amazing and moving actors in Hollywood. His kind and generous deeds are legendary, and many films with his participation have become truly iconic for several generations. In a Time magazine article, the actor was called “the absolute introvert of Hollywood” and also described him as a charming and “painfully shy” workaholic.

We dug deeply into the biography of one of our favorite actors and came to the conclusion that if any of the stars is worthy of universal love, it is definitely Keanu Reeves.

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13 Awesome Facts About Tigers

closeup photography of tiger

Tigers can be called the most recognizable large predators from the cat family. The black and orange striped skin of these creatures has become their original business card. Tigers are famous for being ruthless predators, as well as for their bright striped color that warns against meeting this animal on its territory. Large and massive, tigers are able to fight with any opponent.

Let’s learn some more about them!

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32 Majestic Facts About Wolves

selective focus photography of gray wolf

Wolves became a symbol of pride and freedom a very long time ago. True, a lone wolf is covered with a halo of romance, which is not entirely consistent with reality – in fact, these animals prefer to live in a pack, although lone wolves do occur. Clever, cunning, and courageous, these creatures once inspired fear among travelers. Now they are crowded out by the advancing civilization into remote corners of deep forests, and some of the wolf species are on the verge of extinction.

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13 Facts About Charles Dickens – a Famous Writer Without Monuments

Charles Dickens managed to gain fame as the most famous and popular writer in England during his lifetime. One of the most prominent novelists of the 19th century became a classic of world literature thanks to his works in the spirit of realism. But his novels should not be attributed purely to one genre: in them, you can find a sentimental beginning and even features of a fairy tale. For this, we love his Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, and Great Expectations.

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