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13 Facts About Charles Dickens – a Famous Writer Without Monuments

Charles Dickens managed to gain fame as the most famous and popular writer in England during his lifetime. One of the most prominent novelists of the 19th century became a classic of world literature thanks to his works in the spirit of realism. But his novels should not be attributed purely to one genre: in them, you can find a sentimental beginning and even features of a fairy tale. For this, we love his Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, and Great Expectations.

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10 Exciting Books to Read in One Evening

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In today’s saturated reality we often don’t have enough time to be in a comfortable chair with our favorite book. However, even if you have free minutes only when you get to work, come back from it and a little more before bedtime, this is enough to fit the reading into the rhythm of your life.

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