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What Actresses Looked Like Before Botox and Plastic Surgery

Modern actresses are always admired. You look at them and think: “Well, how beautiful they are!” And it seems that there have never been more beautiful women. However, in fact, in the last century, there were also many women who were famous for their outstanding looks. 

We love beauty, so we decided to show you the actresses of the past, whose fame about their beauty and talent resounded all over the world.

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9 Worst Showering Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes

What could be easier than taking an invigorating morning shower or crawling under warm streams of water after an overly tough day? It turns out that many people manage to do it wrong. And all would be fine if our appearance and well-being did not suffer because of this.

We decided to figure out what mistakes almost every person makes during water procedures, what it leads to, and how to wash according to science.

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11 Psychological Reasons Why Some People Seem More Attractive to Us

We tend to think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, as the study shows, this is not entirely true. In fact, the truth is somewhere in between. Indeed, there are common standards of attractiveness, but our personal preferences also play a rather large role.

We at One Million Images decided to delve deeper into this topic and find out which features of people we consider more attractive without even realizing it.

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