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Have you ever seen a one million banknote? Here it is:

Real one million dollars banknote

History overview

It was printed at American Bank Note Company (ABNC), and it’s real. It is printed according to all standarts of regular banknotes, but it isn’t a legal tender.

The idea of ​​creating a $ 1 million banknote belongs to one Tari Steward, who opened the International Association of Millionaires in 1987 and began negotiations with official American authorities about the possibility of issuing such a bill. Steward wanted “his” money to be distinguished by a high artistic level and reliable protection, so he sent an order for the design and manufacture of banknotes to the American Bank Note Company (ABNC).

Combinet view of $1m dollars bill

The design of the 1 million dollar bill is as close as possible to real money. It took 7 months to develop banknote. In the printing process, the ultramodern press of the Chicago factory ABNC was involved. Each banknote of 1 million dollars not only has an individual serial number, but is made using a special composition of paper, invisible fluorescent labels, a micro font and other security elements.After a limited edition issue, all printing assets were destroyed. A total of 700 uncut sheets were issued. During 1989-1990, 665 full sheets were sold. In 1998, the latest stocks of IAM notes were sold and official sales were stopped.It is possible to buy a note at a price of $110 – $65 depending on the number of purchased banknotes (details here). Banknotes were sold in transparent cases to protect against damage. Each kit also included a certificate, an envelope with gold stamping and an information booklet. Today, a bill of $ 1 million IAM is a collectible and a kind of “ticket” to the club of millionaires.

One million banknote backside