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10+ Baby Names That Are Banned Around the World

Looking at how modern celebrities call their children, it would seem that there is little to surprise us. Elon Musk and the singer Grimes called their baby X Æ A-12, or Gwyneth Paltrow who named her daughter Apple. However, in some countries it is believed that there should be certain restrictions on the names of newborns and not all creative ideas of parents should be encouraged.

We found out how our editors could not name their children if they suddenly moved to live in another country.

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8 Facts About the Most Famous Guard in the World, Which Has Become an Integral Part of English Culture

One of the most popular security structures in the world – The Queen’s Guard – is famous for its unique appearance, strict discipline, and, of course, professionalism. Guardsmen have long ceased to play an exclusively protective role: they are an important part of the culture of England itself. Therefore, the requirements for the soldiers are very strict.

We found out what rules exist for the Royal Guards and what you need to be able to do to become a part of the elite British troops.

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