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8 Fascinating Books That Won’t Let You Sleep

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Keeping the reader in constant tension and telling a truly worthy story is a talent that not every writer has. But there are books that, with a small volume, are capable of captivating so much that the whole world is fading into the background.

We collected books that can give you a whole night (or a whole day) of incredible impressions and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

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7 Great Series With Famous Cast

In recent years, the production of series has reached a qualitatively new level. In many projects, you can see not only beginners and actors who are at the end of their careers, but also world-famous stars with several Oscars in their pockets. For example, people like Jane Adams, Cate Blanchett, John Hamm, Eva Green, devote years of their career to television projects and definitely add a few points to the series rating.

So, we found a number of interesting multi-series projects in which you can see a whole bunch of star actors.

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15+ Ideas That J. K. Rowling Had for “Harry Potter”, but Changed Her Mind at the Last Moment

The writer Joanne Rowling is in second place on the Forbes list of top-paying writers. Moreover, despite the fact that the first novel was released already in 1997, more and more people are becoming fans of the saga. 

It can be interesting to find out, what Rowling originally planned to act with the plot of our favorite books. And maybe it’s a good thing she changed her mind.

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9 Amazing Mini-Series to Watch Over the Weekend

In this article, we have collected some high-rated TV shows that can be watched for a couple of evenings or over the weekend. They don’t have long monologues, boring episodes, or drawn-out scenes. Everything is emotional, dynamic, and fresh – as a modern viewer loves. A variety of genres will allow you to choose something to your taste and have a good free time.

We love TV shows, and swallow mini-series in one go. Perhaps with our selection, you will also want to postpone things in order to immerse yourself in new fascinating stories.

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6 Korean Movies That May Be Even Better Than “Parasite”

The unprecedented triumph of the Korean movie “Parasite” by Bong Joon-ho took place at the 92nd Academy Awards.

The film won 4 prizes at once and two of them were the most important – for “Best Film” and “Best Director”.

However, this is not the only outstanding film in South Korea.

Moreover, it is not at all significant, especially in comparison with other films, which the viewer could not hear about and which you did not even consider as something to watch in the evening. But you should.

With this material, we will try to tell about the best Korean films.

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7 Atmospheric Movies That Will Captivate You

Each director is a creator of an alternative reality, the creator of a small world with their own unique microclimate. Only a real pro will be able to make the viewer a part of their imagination, make them empathize with the heroes, solve puzzles with them and find answers to the questions posed. Such films open up unlimited possibilities for us. They allow us to move in time and space, find killers and liars, unravel tangles of love affairs, and even decide the fate of characters.

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8 Sequels That Are Coming out Soon

At the beginning of this year, the action movie “Bad Guys For Life” – the third part of the famous franchise – was released. And this is not the first time that Hollywood has revived the films that everyone loved. Very soon, we are waiting for a series of bright sequels that will please fans of absolutely all genres: from comics to comedies.

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