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15 Starbucks Secrets That Even the Most Dedicated Fans Don’t Know

Starbucks Coffee building during daytime

Who among us does not know how pleasant it is to go to a coffee shop, order a large cup of hot cappuccino, sit by the window and just relax. It is clear that Starbucks has chosen its mission to become a third home, which is always a pleasure to return to and stay for an hour. And the popularity of these coffee houses is a clear sign that they are doing well. But even regular customers, who have been visiting them for years and know all the baristas by sight, are unaware of the burning secrets of the company.

We were surprised at how thoughtful and unexpected features Starbucks turned out to have and decided to tell you about them.

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12 Signs That You Won’t Get Rich However Hard You Work

They say that the rich man is not the one who has a lot, but the one who has enough. But even from this point of view, not everyone can say to themselves: “I am rich.” It happens that a person tries to get rich by all means, but nothing happens. Sometimes external circumstances interfere, but more often the matter is in ourselves.

We tried to understand how rich people differ from the rest (in addition to the amount of money, of course) and found several obvious signs by which we can determine that a person probably won’t get rich.

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The Story of the Richest Man in History

Who do you think was the richest man in human history? Drop stereotypes: this is neither Rothschild, nor Rockefeller, nor Bill Gates. The most incredible wealth belonged to a medieval black emperor named Mansa Musa. Translated to the current rate, his fortune is estimated at $400 billion, and it turned out to be enough to create a long economic crisis for half the world.

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What Is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and How Does It Work

Have you ever noticed that when we are subconsciously confident in something, in the end, this event happens exactly as we expected? For example, when we are very afraid of being late for work, we will definitely come later than the boss; we do everything so as not to get better, and as a result, we see plus 2 kg on the scales; if you are convinced that the partner is lying to us, then one day we’ll definitely catch them in a lie. And there are many other examples that each of us can recall from our past. What is it really: fate or a self-fulfilling prophecy that we pulled into our lives?

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Life of Lottery Winners

1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

Sometimes we dream of winning the lottery and are sure that after that our life will turn into a fairy tale. But what actually happens after the win? What do people do with the money? What happens to them? Let’s read a few stories.

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