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The Story of the Smartest Man to Ever Live on Earth Whom You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Despite the fact that neither Albert Einstein nor Isaac Newton, of course, did not pass the IQ test, it is believed that this indicator was 160 and 190, respectively. These people are known throughout the world as indisputable geniuses. But once upon a time there lived a man whose intellectual coefficient was estimated in the region from 250 to 300! The smartest person who lived on Earth is William James Sidis. He was a child prodigy and an exceptional mathematician. He was a polyglot and a gifted author. But, unfortunately, not many people have heard of him.

We want to shed light on the life story of William James Sidis and explain why he is not as famous as he could be.

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The Story of the Richest Man in History

Who do you think was the richest man in human history? Drop stereotypes: this is neither Rothschild, nor Rockefeller, nor Bill Gates. The most incredible wealth belonged to a medieval black emperor named Mansa Musa. Translated to the current rate, his fortune is estimated at $400 billion, and it turned out to be enough to create a long economic crisis for half the world.

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13 Facts About Charles Dickens – a Famous Writer Without Monuments

Charles Dickens managed to gain fame as the most famous and popular writer in England during his lifetime. One of the most prominent novelists of the 19th century became a classic of world literature thanks to his works in the spirit of realism. But his novels should not be attributed purely to one genre: in them, you can find a sentimental beginning and even features of a fairy tale. For this, we love his Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, and Great Expectations.

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How Famous Paintings Were Created, Top Stories

Famous paintings can be examined endlessly, revealing more and more new details. But often what is interesting in the painting is not only what is depicted on the canvases, but also how and under what circumstances it was created. It turns out that curious stories and curious cases are connected with the process of writing many masterpieces. 

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8 Things That Have Their Color for a Reason

Some believe that black and white cinema has always shown us the truth and in the world, there is actually no blue water, no yellow sun and no green grass. Only colorless objects of varying degrees of illumination. Like it or not, but we can distinguish colors, more than 7 million, and some items received them for a reason. Italian sports cars, children’s buses, even kitchen sponges – the color of each of these items follows a certain logic.

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What Is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and How Does It Work

Have you ever noticed that when we are subconsciously confident in something, in the end, this event happens exactly as we expected? For example, when we are very afraid of being late for work, we will definitely come later than the boss; we do everything so as not to get better, and as a result, we see plus 2 kg on the scales; if you are convinced that the partner is lying to us, then one day we’ll definitely catch them in a lie. And there are many other examples that each of us can recall from our past. What is it really: fate or a self-fulfilling prophecy that we pulled into our lives?

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10 Exciting Books to Read in One Evening

photo of library with turned on lights

In today’s saturated reality we often don’t have enough time to be in a comfortable chair with our favorite book. However, even if you have free minutes only when you get to work, come back from it and a little more before bedtime, this is enough to fit the reading into the rhythm of your life.

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How Colors Affect People

We make an opinion about people and products that we see for the first time within the first 90 seconds, and from 62% to 90% of our opinion depends only on color. That is why some companies use certain colors in their packaging, logos, and signs to influence our everyday decisions.

However, sometimes colors can play a really crucial role. For example, studies have shown that pink and blue soothe us so much that they reduce the manifestation of aggression or a craving for self-harm.

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