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9 Worst Showering Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes

What could be easier than taking an invigorating morning shower or crawling under warm streams of water after an overly tough day? It turns out that many people manage to do it wrong. And all would be fine if our appearance and well-being did not suffer because of this.

We decided to figure out what mistakes almost every person makes during water procedures, what it leads to, and how to wash according to science.

1. First I wash my face, and then my head

10 грубейших ошибок при принятии душа, которые совершают практически все. А вы теперь не будете

Washing your hair last is not a good idea, as shampoo or conditioner residues can be difficult to wash off. You need to wash your face only after you have washed your hair, otherwise, shampoo or balm particles can penetrate the pores and provoke the appearance of irritations and acne.

Therefore, dermatologists recommend washing your hair first, and then body and face. In this case, the heat will also act on the skin longer and open the pores, therefore, the body cream will work better.

2. Forgetting to take off the band-aid when we go to the shower

If you accidentally cut yourself and have to walk with a band-aid for a while, remove it before showering. Small wounds can be cleaned with soap and warm water every day, after which you should apply a new band-aid or bandage.

3. Aren’t washing off makeup before showering

10 грубейших ошибок при принятии душа, которые совершают практически все. А вы теперь не будете

You need to wash off your makeup with a special tool, regardless of whether you are taking a shower today or not. Rinsing the skin with water is not enough, and it can also provoke irritation, especially around the eyes. Micellar water, milk or facial cleansing foam provides deeper cleansing and cares for the face.

4. Don’t use a body scrub

The skin needs to be regularly exfoliated not only on the face – this will improve its color, increase blood flow, and cosmetics will be absorbed and work more efficiently. Exfoliate with a washcloth and a scrub or exfoliating gel to keep pores from clogging. If done for a long time and regularly, the skin can produce more collagen, which prolongs its youth.

5. We peel too often

Excessively frequent exfoliation (or exfoliation) can cause unpleasant sensations in the epidermis. It is important to choose the optimal frequency of peeling. Oily skin can be exfoliated more often, for example, every other day.

For other skin types, cleansing 1-2 times a week is sufficient. If you have sensitive skin, replace the abrasive products with milder ones, such as acids.

6. We do not install the handrail

A grab bar in the shower or above the bathtub is not a luxury at all, but a necessary safety feature. Less than a quarter of families have them, while the largest number of injuries in the bathroom is when people get out of the shower. To minimize the risk, install a simple device, and do not forget the anti-slip foot mat.

7. Forgetting to apply moisturizer

10 грубейших ошибок при принятии душа, которые совершают практически все. А вы теперь не будете

Moisturizers or lotions keep your skin toned. The maximum effect can be obtained by applying them a few minutes after leaving the shower. The tool will retain life-giving moisture in the epidermis longer, which means that you are not afraid of dry skin, itching and discomfort.

8. Massage the scalp with nails

It seems pleasant, but in reality, it only hurts. By massaging the scalp with our nails, we can scratch it in no time. Subsequently, this can provoke peeling. Use your fingertips to gently rinse your hair without harming your hair.

9. Wash with overly perfumed products

All gels and shampoos with a rich aroma and vibrant color can actually dry the skin. To retain the required amount of moisture, replace the overly scented product with a similar one without perfume. This is especially true for skin prone to rashes, or age-related, which is gradually thinning.