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9 Books That Will Make You Skip Meals

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These books are the kind that you cannot close for a minute until you finish the last lines. Sleep, food, household chores, work — everything does not matter.

We collected 10 books that drag readers into their world.

“24 Hours From the Life of a Woman” by Stefan Zweig

The Austrian writer, like no one else, was able to openly and at the same time tactfully talk about the most intimate experiences of a human. The description of the smallest details is fascinating, from which real faces appear, which seem to be right here, at arm’s length from you.

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“Five Quarters of Orange” by Joanne Harris

The youngest daughter inherits from the mother only a cookbook. In her cafe, she cooks according to these old recipes and tries to decrypt the records between the lines. This is a book about a terrible past, which is sometimes better not to stir up and leave on the far shelf in the closet.

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“Forrest Gump” by Winston Groom

The success of the movie of the same name was preceded by the big success of the book, which is both the embodiment of the myth of the American dream, and the sharp satire, which is much weaker in the film, and the story of great touching love. It is worth noting that in the book the hero looks somewhat smarter, a little more caustic, and the situation is more fantastic.

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“Airport” by Arthur Hailey

One after another, the troubles appear at the airport: the airport is covered by a severe snowstorm, an accident on one of the planes, and somewhere a food truck was lost. At the same time, there is enough of my personal troubles and dramas. And all this on one Friday night. An amazing story written in the rare genre of a production novel is read in one go.

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“Monday Starts on Saturday” by Boris Strugatsky

The Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they approach magic from a deeply scientific point of view, and they love their work so much that they even run away from holidays ar home to immerse themselves in magical and scientific research. When the book ends, you want to open it and re-read it again immediately.

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“A Lady With Glasses and a Gun in a Car” by Sebastien Japrisot

A wonderful psychological detective, where the most interesting part is the characters. The book is very atmospheric: there is a wind, the smell of the sea, the insecurity of the heroine, her despair. An attempt to understand everything leads the heroine to rethink her own life and to search for her true self.

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“Bel-Ami” by Guy de Maupassant

The history of the career of an ordinary seducer and playboy. Despite the fact that the advantages in the main character are penniless, you follow his adventures with bated breath. Easy, confident, and unprincipled, he climbs up the social ladder. And the essence is not only in George’s resourcefulness but also in the state of society in which he can make his own kind of career.

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“Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The swarthy beauty Fermina rejected the love of a childhood friend and chose to become the wife of a scientist who dreams of ridding the Spanish colonies of the plague. Here, love is told with feeling, with a smile.

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“Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell

Mitchell’s novel cannot be swallowed in a hurry. You need to enjoy it, as an incredible symphony, the perfect harmony of six instruments, six lives of one soul. This is a book that everyone will understand in their own way: it is like a mosaic from which different people put together completely different pictures. Magic? Without a doubt. The magic of the word in its purest form.

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