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9 Amazing Mini-Series to Watch Over the Weekend

In this article, we have collected some high-rated TV shows that can be watched for a couple of evenings or over the weekend. They don’t have long monologues, boring episodes, or drawn-out scenes. Everything is emotional, dynamic, and fresh – as a modern viewer loves. A variety of genres will allow you to choose something to your taste and have a good free time.

We love TV shows, and swallow mini-series in one go. Perhaps with our selection, you will also want to postpone things in order to immerse yourself in new fascinating stories.

The Miracle

Il miracolo (2018)

In the house of the mafia boss, the police find a Madonna figure who is crying with bloody tears. The phenomenon immediately gets great interest from the government and scientists but in order to avoid unnecessary publicity, not many can see the statuette. A priest who has lost faith and is mired in sins himself, a laboratory doctor, and the prime minister will try to explain what is happening from their perspectives. In the meantime, they will test their atheism, and a miracle will affect each of them.

IMDb Rating – 7.6


Regina King in Watchmen (2019)

The alternative universe of the “Watchmen” only resembles the familiar world to us. Natural disasters are replaced by skirmishes of white and dark-skinned people, those who are under the guise of trying to do their justice are called superheroes, and the police are not always able to stand up for themselves. But when a new wave of racial extermination is coming, the guardians of order have no choice but to hide their faces under masks and find out who is behind all this.

IMDb Rating – 8.1


Homecoming (2018)

Heidi once worked as a psychologist at the Homecoming Military Support Center. She helped soldiers deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and adapt to normal life. But that was a long time ago, and since then she seems to remember nothing. She doesn’t even remember why she suddenly decided to leave and get a job as a waitress in a cafe. An employee of the Ministry of Defense, who for some unknown reason is interested in Heidi’s past, and wants to will help her return to the past and find out the true events.

IMDb Rating – 7.5; Watch on Amazon

Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty (2015)

Before becoming an independent state, America has long been a British colony. Huge taxes, oppression, and the tough policy of the colonialist caused constant discontent among the local population, until a group of people who called themselves “Sons of Liberty” decided to confront the invaders and fight for the independence of their country.

IMDb Rating – 7.5


Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag (2016)

Fleabag has no name, but there are more than enough problems. She unsuccessfully tries to establish communication with her sister, father and his new wife, conducts mental dialogues with her deceased friend, tries to find somewhere to live on and meet a normal guy. But everything usually goes head over heels. Therefore, Fleabag lives the moment, waving at all troubles. And she does it pretty well.

IMDb Rating – 8.7; Watch on Amazon


Rosa Salazar in Undone (2019)

Alma’s boring and routine life changes in an instant when she sees her dead father on the side of the road and crashes. Having regained consciousness from a coma, the girl realizes that her father has not disappeared. Now he penetrates her life, shows her the other side of the world and shares secrets with her. A man teaches his daughter to control feelings, travel in time, and asks her to return to the past in order to save him from death.

An unusual picture in the series was achieved by rotoscoping. After filming, each frame of the film was traced and processed manually.

IMDb Rating – 8.3; Watch on Amazon

After Life

Ricky Gervais and Kerry Godliman in After Life (2019)

After the death of his wife, Tony is full of hatred. He had repeatedly thought of going to the other world, but then who would take care of his dog? He tries to stay sane, and allows himself to express feelings: he says what is on his mind and does what he wants. Now he has to accept the loss and learn to live for himself.

IMDb Rating – 8.4


Kaitlyn Dever in Unbelievable (2019)

The series is based on real events that occurred in 2008. A teenager Marie filed a police rape complaint. The girl said that an unfamiliar man had entered her house and threatened with reprisal if she made noise. Law enforcement officers promptly checked the crime scene and did all the medical examinations, but found no signs of violence. Marie was considered a liar and forced to answer before the court. Having taken an interest in the case, detective Karen Duvall and her colleague Grace Rasmussen find out that in 30 different cities about 30 women reported similar attacks in 3 years and the man did not leave any traces at any crime scene.

IMDb Rating – 8.5

And Then There Were None 

Sam Neill, Charles Dance, Miranda Richardson, Maeve Dermody, and Aidan Turner in And Then There Were None (2015)

On a remote island off the coast of the county of Devon, 8 guests arrive, previously unknown to each other. They are met by a couple of servants and reports that the owners of the estate are temporarily absent. During lunch, the audience noticed the figures of 10 soldiers on the table and heard someone’s voice telling about the crimes committed by the guests. Excited people rush to get out of the island, but find themselves in a trap where, one by one, they become victims of someone’s well-thought-out killings.

The series is based on the famous detective novel by Agatha Christie “And Then There Were None”.

IMDb Rating – 8