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8 Fascinating Books That Won’t Let You Sleep

opened book on grass during daytime

Keeping the reader in constant tension and telling a truly worthy story is a talent that not every writer has. But there are books that, with a small volume, are capable of captivating so much that the whole world is fading into the background.

We collected books that can give you a whole night (or a whole day) of incredible impressions and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

opened white book beside white and black ceramic mug

“Flowers for Algernon”

by Daniel Keyes

If you are looking for the pleasure of reading and food for the mind at the same time, then do not pass by Daniel Keyes’ short novel. He will tell you how it feels – for a simple guy, a janitor in a bakery, whose IQ does not exceed 60, to turn into a genius, the smartest person on the planet. Is it possible to overcome your fears and cope with loneliness? Keyes gives his answer to this question.

“The Suitcase”

by Sergei Dovlatov

Dovlatov’s “Suitcase” is packed with witty stories, notebooks. You fall in love seriously and for a long time. Perhaps the secret of Dovlatov is that he does not invent special “book” situations, but simply talks about what he observed himself and calls things by their proper names. Well, with humor, of course.

“Orphans of the Sky”

by Robert A. Heinlein

In outer space, a giant transport spaceship was lost, the inhabitants of which had long forgotten about the world outside the ship, divided into two camps, and were at war with each other. The novel, which brought fame to the author, will not let you go just like that. After all, are we, people in the digital world, really so different from the passengers on the ship?


by Neil Gaiman

Imagine that under the streets of your city there is a world that most people don’t even suspect. It is inhabited by saints and monsters, in it, the word becomes a real force, dangers await at every step, it is dark and dirty, but… insanely interesting. Neil Gaiman opens the door to such a world near London. Just go down there and disappear all night.

brown wooden ladder leaning of bookshelf

“451° Fahrenheit”

by Ray Bradbury

451° Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper ignites and burns. The world of the future, where books are burned, people are bombarded with informational garbage and treat any dissent with electric shock, is terrible. It is scary because much has already come true. But as long as love, beauty, and the pursuit of truth exist, we have a chance.

“The Dead zone”

by Stephen King

Even if you are sure that King is not your author, that horror stories are not your format, and you are interested in the hero’s experiences and internal struggle, this book from the king of horrors will still take its rightful place in your library. Indeed, there is no blood and maniacs – only a tough psychological confrontation between a person and himself. Goosebumps and cold sweat guaranteed.

“On Chesil Beach”

by Ian McEwan

This is a short, very chamber and piercing story of the newlyweds, whose drama is the result of misunderstanding, unwillingness to speak to each other and be heard, lack of inner freedom. The strange problem they encountered can be so easily resolved in one simple conversation of loving people. But – and here the question arises – are they loving?

“A Certain Smile”

by Françoise Sagan

If thrillers, science fiction, and other varieties of fascinating reading are obviously not for you, if you want something leisure, viscous, and musical, then a short beautiful novel by Sagan is what the doctor ordered. And, yes, they are easy and fast to read.