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8 Advertising Stunts That Jumped Over Their Heads and Conquered the World

Advertising surrounds us from all sides, and companies have to try hard to make them stand out from the general stream. Someone spends millions, while others manage to attract attention at no special cost.

These are the marketing moves of companies that were not afraid to build an advertising campaign in their own way.

Lingerie Skims by Kim Kardashian

Available in 9 different skin tones, panties and bras appear on the official website in small batches, fueling the excitement. Kim’s team uses Robert Cialdini’s principle of scarcity, which is based on the psychological effect of persuasion. This means that the less often we get an opportunity and the more difficult it is to get a product, the more valuable it becomes to us and the higher the likelihood that we will buy it.

Psychotherapy during a ride on the Taxi Stockholm

Taxi Stockholm found an unexpected way to attract clients: to conduct psychotherapy sessions right during the taxi ride. The client can choose a therapist on the website, who will personally accompany him. The fare does not increase and the driver and therapist are required to maintain confidentiality. The service offered in 2014 turned out to be so successful for the company that it is in demand to this day. A traditional chauffeur-only ride is still possible.

Shoe Store Prank Party

Los Angeles fashionistas were invited to a private presentation of Palessi shoes. Everything was done so cool that they sold the shoes like hotcakes at a price of $200 per pair. Everyone was shocked when it turned out that such a designer did not exist, and the party was organized by a mass-market shoe store to show how little differences there are between brands are. Customers received their money back, as well as payment for participating in the Payless ShoeSource commercial.

Extra strong glass “3M”

The company “3M”, as part of an advertising campaign for heavy-duty glass Security Glass, installed glass stands with banknotes inside the streets of the Canadian city. It was proposed to break up and take the money. To the disappointment of the residents of Vancouver, during the promotion, none of them managed to get rich, the glass withstood all the blows.

The viral challenge to promote Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, owned by Kylie Jenner, attracted attention early on with the lip filler scandal. For a long time she denied their use, explaining the appearance with well-chosen makeup, and when she could no longer convince anyone, she decided to use it as a marketing ploy. On social media, the teens were spreading the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, a viral game. Her first lip liner kits sold out in 30 seconds.

Clairol hair dye

The 1957 Clairol hair dye ad was first built around the question, “Does she do it … or not?” The campaign was aimed at highlighting the natural hair color made by Clairol. The advertisement explained that only the hairdresser knows about whether the color is real or not. The premise was that the quality of Clairol dye leaves no chance to visually determine whether the hair is dyed or natural. Following this advertisement, the mandatory hair color line was removed from the driver’s license. The advertising campaign received the ninth line in the list of the 100 best of the 20th century.

Marilyn Monroe in advertising for the movie “The Seven Year Itch”

The picture that caused Marilyn Monroe to divorce her husband was a publicity stunt. The dress does not fly up because of the air from the ventilation grill. A powerful fan lifted the fabric, and many onlookers gathered around the actress, who were specially invited. Marilyn’s husband, Joe DiMaggio, was among the crowd and was infuriated by the hooting of the crowd. The photo spread all over the media in the world and brought success to the film “The Seven Year Itch” at the box office.

De Beers engagement ring advertisement

The largest diamond in the history of auction De Beers Millennium 10.10 carats was sold for $32 million.

In 1938, at the height of the economic crisis, De Beers, the company that operates South American diamond mines, changed its attitude towards the engagement. It was decided to abandon the beauties in chic dresses on advertising posters and replace them with black and white posters with appeals to men: “Relieves headaches since 1888”, “Think about it. Divorce is more expensive “,” No, your wife did not pay for this advertisement (but she told us which newspapers you read). ” Between 1939 and 1979, De Beers’ wholesale diamond sales grew from $ 23 million to $ 2.1 billion.