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8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-Filming

To get a role in the film, especially the main one, is not an easy task. But sometimes keeping a cherished place in a project can be even more difficult. There are plenty of cases when one actor replaced another before the start of filming, during it, and even at the stage of editing. Even the most famous stars are not immune to this.

Ryan Gosling, The Lovely Bones

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

Ryan Gosling was approved for the role of the father of the family in Peter Jackson’s drama The Lovely Bones. However, no one saw the actor in the film because the director fired him. The reason was that Gosling gained 27 kg for the role, even though no one asked him to do it. Gosling believed that his character would look more authentic (he and Jackson did not discuss this moment). “I showed up on the set, and it turned out that I did not understand everything,” said the actor. “In the end, I remained fat and unemployed.” Mark Wahlberg has taken his place.

Anne Hathaway, “Knocked Up”

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

In 2007, Anne Hathaway was approved for the role in the movie “Knocked Up” which later went to Katherine Heigl. The actress was replaced before the start of the shoot because she and director Judd Apatow had a different vision of the scene of the birth of a child: the latter wanted to use real shots with women giving birth. Anne later clarified the contention of their disagreement. “Jit was going to show a vagina — not mine, but somebody else’s,” said the movie star. “And I didn’t believe that it was actually necessary to the story.”

Terrence Howard, Iron Man 2

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

Terrence Howard made a deal to act in 3 parts of Iron Man. Under the terms of the contract, he was supposed to be paid a fixed amount for each picture, but before shooting the second film, Howard was informed that he would receive only an eighth of what was originally promised to him. The actor did not like this state of affairs, and the director said that they could do without his participation. In the end, Terrence Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle.

Kevin Spacey, House of Cards, All the Money in the World

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

The sexual harassment scandal that erupted around Kevin Spacey cost him his career. His popular character Frank Underwood from the series “House of Cards” was quickly killed, and all the scenes with the actor in the upcoming movie “All the Money of the World” were shot in emergency mode with another movie star — Christopher Plummer.

Sylvester Stallone, “Beverly Hills Cop”

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

Beverly Hills Cop is one of Eddie Murphy’s high-profile films. But all this could not have happened: initially, the role of detective Axel Fowley was proposed to Sylvester Stallone. However, the actor himself put an end to his prospects to play in the film: after he was sent the script, he decided to rewrite his role. Needless to say, the studio did not like this decision.

Colin Firth, Paddington

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

After Firth finished Paddington’s voice acting, the producers decided that the mature tone of the British movie star was not suitable for a young, innocent bear. As a result, he had to refuse his services, and a younger actor, Ben Whishaw, was invited in his place.

James Remar, Aliens

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

Initially, the role of Corporal Dwayne Hicks in James Cameron’s science fiction film “Aliens” was to be performed by James Remar. However, he was fired a week after the start of filming. The reason was the arrest of the actor for possession of drugs. After this incident, the director decided not to mess with Remar and took Michael Bean in his place.

Megan Fox, Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon

8 Actors Who Were Fired Mid-filming

Many viewers must have noticed that actress Megan Fox, who acted in the first two films about transformers, wasn’t in the sequel. The fact is that she was fired after a series of unflattering comments about the film’s director Michael Bay. In particular, she compared Bay with Hitler and said that working with him is a real nightmare. As a result, another beauty was invited to appear in the project — Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.