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7 TV-Shows That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

The first horror film in history is “The House of the Devil”, shot by one of the creators of world cinema, Georges Méliès in 1896. However, the true ancestor of all modern horror movies was the first sound film in this genre called “The Terror”, which is now considered lost. Thousands of such films are being shot in the world today, and famous movie services are releasing entire series, whose creators masterfully can scare even the most sophisticated viewer. Here are some examples we picked out for you.

Marianne, 2019—…

Marianne (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb (con imágenes) | Series y ...

Emma Larismon is a famous writer who creates novels in the horror genre. The most successful series of her books is about Lizzie Lark, who pursues an evil demon named Marianne. Emma decides to complete the series and in the last book of the cycle kills the main characters. But everything is not so simple: it turns out that Marianne exists in the real world, and she is very unhappy with the loss of attention of millions of readers. And is ready to do everything so that Emma continues to write.

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The Terror, 2018—…

Террор (The Terror): цитаты из сериала

At the moment, there are two seasons of the series. The first tells about the expedition of two sea vessels that set off in search of the passage through the Arctic, which took place in 1845. Ships are captured by ice, and their crews face many difficulties, including malnutrition. Moreover, they begin to pursue the evil spirit in the form of a bear.

The second season takes place in the western United States during World War II: on one of the islands, there is a series of mysterious murders by otherworldly forces.

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Evil, 2019—…

Evil (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb

Kristen Bouchard, a forensic psychiatrist, is talking on duty to someone charged with serious crimes. When an assumption arises that the prisoner is possessed by a demon, she turns to David Acosta, the future priest, commissioned by the church to investigate such cases. Being a skeptic, Kristen is sure that every “supernatural” phenomenon has a scientific explanation, but sometimes things that happen are so mysterious that she doubts her own beliefs.

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Dracula, 2020—…

Дракула (телесериал, 2020) — Википедия

Transylvania, 1897. Count Dracula, a powerful vampire, makes plans to capture Victorian London. He uses the young lawyer Jonathan Harker, who came to help the count with documents, to become younger. Once Harker discovers in the castle people who also serve as food for a vampire, and Dracula, having learned about the young man’s find, kills him. However, Jonathan comes to life and rushes into the river, and after some time he finds himself in a monastery, where he meets his sister Agatha van Helsing.

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Channel Zero, 2016–2018

Постер (1) к фильму Нулевой канал (Channel Zero, 2016)

The series consists of 4 seasons, each of which tells a separate eerie story from creepypasta — popular online horror stories: for example, in the first season, there is a frightening character with the skin covered with human teeth. Despite the high ratings and the love of the audience, Channel Zero lasted only four seasons.

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Scream: The TV Series, 2015–2019

MTV SCREAM: SEASON 3 FREE LIVE STREAM | Scream tv series, Mtv ...

The famous film franchise about teenagers hunting their classmates in a ghost mask migrated to television screens. But the plot of the series is not a copy of films from the 90s, but rather, a new reading of the story. The plot is the story of a guy named Brandon James from Lakewood, who, due to a congenital illness, did not look like everyone else. Once a group of teenagers beats him up, and Brandon, angry, commits a monstrous crime wearing a black hoodie and mask.

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Creepshow, 2019—…

Калейдоскоп ужасов (сериал) — Википедия

The sequel to the original “Kaleidoscope of Horrors”, which appeared on television in 1982, continues the tradition of its ancestor. The plots of the series are about the works of famous horror masters, including Stephen King himself. Each individual episode of the series includes several mini-stories linked by the same ghost as in the 80s show.

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