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7 Products That Can Negatively Affect Your Mood

Many favorite and delicious foods lack nutrients. Frequent consumption of such food makes you feel shaky and dissatisfied.

This is not about depression – but a banal deterioration of your mood.

If you don’t know the reason for your dissatisfaction, you may want to review your diet, writes HuffPost.

“One of the main causes of bad mood lies in the diet – too much sugar, starch, and refined carbohydrates.

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If you eat too much of these foods, you may experience sharp spikes in blood sugar, which can lead to symptoms such as bad mood, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating,” says nutritionist Claudia Smith.

Food for comfort, such as cookies or french fries, activate reward triggers in our brains.

They give us something we look forward to – which has dramatically increased sales of such products when the pandemic began.

“Emotional nutrition is a cyclical process where a bad mood causes us to eat food that can raise blood sugar and give us a dose of dopamine. But when it falls, we start to feel guilty. This combination often makes us lack satisfaction, feel guilt, shame, and pity,” says psychologist Lee Chambers.

In addition, eating very tasty foods often leads to overeating.

Comfortable products that cause a bad mood have several things in common. Initially, they cause an increase in blood sugar levels, and then – a decrease, which leads to lethargy, anxiety, and irritability. But the effect of deteriorating mood is more than physiological.

Many people consider certain foods to be healthy or harmful. When they eat unhealthy foods, they may feel ashamed, sad, or angry. An important factor in comfort is balance, according to nutritionist Tai Ibitoe.

“Regular and excessive consumption of foods high in fat and sugar can negatively affect mood, but eating just one cookie can bring pleasure and comfort to some people.”

So, what foods can cause mood swings?


A small amount of alcohol may initially improve your mood, but regular or excessive consumption will make it worse. This will not surprise those who have ever suffered from a hangover.

The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking no more than one drink a day, such as a glass of wine.


Sweet water contains simple sugars that are quickly absorbed by the body, which leads to increased sugar levels. Simply replacing sweet water with a diet version will not solve the problem, since sweeteners can also affect mood, including anxiety.

A 2014 study found a link between sugary drinks and depression among the elderly.

Water and tea are the best alternatives to the drink.

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Nutritionist Tai Ibito recommends limiting beverages such as caffeinated tea and coffee and replacing them with other soft drinks. According to the Medical Daily, caffeinated beverages cause the brain to secrete the hormones dopamine and serotonin. This is good in small doses, but if you drink too much caffeine (often just one extra cup) – it can lead to irritability and anxiety.

Recommendations for the amount of coffee consumed are constantly changing, but the Mayo Clinic offers to drink no more than four cups of coffee a day.

Bakery products

According to Claudia Smith, cookies and cakes are full of mood-altering ingredients such as sugar.

The positive part is that reducing the consumption of pastries can lead to quick mood-boosting results.

“Try to reduce your sugar intake by giving up cakes, cookies, sugary drinks, or sweeteners for a few days, and pay attention to how you feel. The positive effects can often be felt very quickly, even within a few days,” says the nutritionist.

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French fries

French fries are full of saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and excess salt. This is a consequence of energy surges and failures associated with bad mood and exhaustion.

Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, brown rice and quinoa increase glucose levels more slowly.

“Choosing these foods will help the brain get a more stable flow of energy for better functioning,” says Tai Ibitoe.

Processed products

Whether chips or pizza, ready-to-eat processed foods can cause a terrible mood. They contain a large amount of refined sugars, saturated fats and preservatives. Together, these ingredients cause energy breakdowns, resulting in fatigue and decreased motivation.

That doesn’t mean you should never eat them. Smith recommends focusing on a healthy diet, but sometimes indulging in your favorite treats.

Packed meat

Protein is an integral part of a healthy diet, but some proteins are better absorbed by the body than others.

Packaged meat is rich in energy-saving preservatives and additives that cause mood swings and bloating.

Alternatively, you can eat poultry, fish, eggs, beans and homemade sausages.

These protein-rich foods can really improve your mood, leaving you happy, full, and energized.