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6 Iconic Adornments From the World of Cinema That Deserve Attention

We often admire costumes in films – sometimes fashion trends come into our lives not from the catwalks, but from big screens. However, much less often we pay attention to the accessories of actresses in the cinema, and in fact, it is often these small details of the movie that deserve the closest attention.

We decided to recall the brightest and most memorable jewelry from our favorite films. We were very surprised by the fact that almost all of the jewelry is real and sometimes worth a fortune.

1. “Titanic” – “Heart of the Ocean” pendant

Perhaps the Titanic blue diamond heart pendant can rightfully be called one of the most recognizable adornments in cinema. According to the plot, it belonged to King Louis XVI. But the prototype of the unique stone was the famous Blue Hope diamond, which according to legend was brought from India and attracted misfortune to all its owners. Today, the real stone is kept in one of the museums in Washington.

Specifically for the film, the jewelry company Asprey & Garrad has developed a very similar pendant made of blue tanzanite, framed in zirconium and white gold. However, after the incredible success of the Titanic, the pendant now has two more luxurious counterparts of real gems. The first replica was made from a 171-carat blue sapphire set with 103 diamonds. It was what the singer Celine Dion wore at the 1998 Academy Awards. Actress Gloria Stewart, who played the role of Rose in old age in “Titanic”, came to the ceremony in the second necklace. This piece is set with a real 15K blue diamond.

2. “Pretty Woman” – ruby ​​necklace

13 культовых украшений из мира кино, которые заслуживают такого же пристального внимания, как и сами фильмы

A luxurious necklace for Julia Roberts’ character with 23 pear-shaped rubies and a scattering of diamonds was made especially for the film by the French jeweler Fred Joaillier. The cost of this necklace was about $ 1.35 million. It is interesting that one of the funniest scenes in the film was associated with this jewelry, in which Gere’s character holds out a case with a ruby ​​necklace to Vivien, and then, when the girl reaches for it, abruptly closes the box. This moment was pure improvisation by the actor, and Julia’s reaction was so sincere that the scene was left in the final cut.

3. “The Other Boleyn Girl” – gold personalized pendant

In the historical drama The Other Boleyn Girl, Natalie Portman wore a pearl necklace with a personalized pendant as Anne Boleyn. And this is not an improvisation of the costume designers: Anne Boleyn actually wore a gold name pendant with the Latin letter “B”. He was the trademark adornment of the future Queen of England and her faithful companion. This can be seen in several of Boleyn’s portraits. However, today traces of this pendant have disappeared. It may have been inherited by Anna’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I.

4. “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” – Yellow Diamond

13 культовых украшений из мира кино, которые заслуживают такого же пристального внимания, как и сами фильмы

The phrase of Marilyn Monroe’s character about the fact that diamonds are girls’ best friends is remembered by many. However, not everyone knows that a real 24-carat yellow diamond called “The Moon of Baroda” was used to promote the film. It was it that adorned the Harry Winston necklace, which Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang a song about diamonds during the advertising campaign. This stone is considered one of the oldest pieces of jewelry – at the time of filming it was more than 500 years old.

Among its previous owners were Indian maharajas, Empress Maria Teresa of Austria, and French queen Marie Antoinette. In 1943, the Moon of Baroda diamond was bought by the Meyer Jewelry Company, who kindly donated the jewel to advertise the famous film.

In 1990, this necklace, along with Monroe’s signature, was sold at auction for $ 297,000.

5. “Gone with the Wind” – Scarlett’s funeral brooch

13 культовых украшений из мира кино, которые заслуживают такого же пристального внимания, как и сами фильмы

Scarlett’s outfits and jewelry from the famous movie had a significant impact on fashion in the 40s and 50s. For example, a large brooch, in which the main character appears on the screen. In fact, the piece belonged to the mother of costume designer Walter Plunkett. So the vintage gold brooch shown is a rarity that reflects Victorian fashion.

6. “Star Wars” – Leia’s necklace

13 культовых украшений из мира кино, которые заслуживают такого же пристального внимания, как и сами фильмы

In one of the films of the stellar saga, Princess Leia appears in the original necklace of silver plates. Finnish jeweler Björn Vekström created this piece. Interestingly, he released his Space Silver collection in a similar style even before the release of Star Wars, as he was interested in space and timed the creation of jewelry for the year of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

Apparently, director George Lucas saw this collection at one of the exhibitions of the eminent designer and decided to order something similar from Bjorn for his film. When the call rang in the jeweler’s office, Vekström had no idea that he was going to come up with decorations for the legendary film series. However, it soon became clear that he did not have time to place an order on time, and then Lucas simply bought some of Bjorn’s finished products. By the way, the jeweler did not know which jewelry the director had chosen before the film was released. It turned out that these were the Planetary Valleys necklace and Darina’s Ornament bracelet.