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5 Types of Character in Cats

white cat sleeps under white comforter

It turned out that not all of them are narcissistic egoists.

According to statistics, there are from 200 to 600 million cats in the world. It is almost impossible to determine the exact number since many of them live on their own. And just imagine that each of them, like us, has its own temperament. This conclusion was made by scientists at the University of South Australia.

The study of zoopsychologists seemed interesting to us. We want to share it with you now.

white and gray kitten on white textile

1. Neurotics

These are cats who like to hide, climb into far corners and cabinets when strangers come. Sometimes neurotics avoid communication with the owners. Some scientists believe that cats can mirror the behavior of their owners.

For a comfortable life of cats like that, make sure they always have places where it can hide. It can be a cat house, a tunnel, or even a simple box.

shallow focus photography of white and brown cat

2. Extroverts

By nature, such pets are very active. It is ready to play with anyone and will only be happy with the company. Such cats need to constantly be in contact and explore everything new, otherwise, you should not be surprised when your pet decides to swing on the curtains or climb into the cabinets.

These energizers need to be provided with toys and spend time with it every day, play so that it doesn’t get bored and numb.

brown tabby cat on wooden windsor chair

3. Dominant

A cat with this character should be the only favorite in the family. Otherwise, if you decide to get another one, the animals will probably have to divide the territory. It is unlikely to enjoy each other’s company.

Such a cat in the house must have a place where it will feel like a master.

tabby cat on ledge

4. Impulsive

The reaction of such cats may vary: on one day it will joyfully greet you after work, and on the other, it will present you with an evil bite. At first, it may seem that your pet reacts to everything unpredictably and can effortlessly destroy everything around. But you just need to be patient and build a regime.

Such cats and cats should not be scolded, it will only worsen the situation. The animal needs time to ensure that order is built in its head, and it will become calmer if everything in its life happens in the same sequence day after day.

orange Persian cat sleeping

5. Friendly

Such a cat does not cause much concern to its owners. You don’t need to wait for affection from it for a long time, the cat will gladly give it to you and will meow in a friendly manner when you pat it. It will not be aggressive when friends come to you or children want to play with it.

But this cutie also has a drawback: it is difficult to tolerate separation, so you should not leave it alone for a long time.

selective focus photo of gray tabby cat

Interesting facts about cat psychology

  • Cats have a built-in filter for uniform movement, therefore it is more efficient to play with it, waving the toy impulsively, with stops. If you wave it back and forth, cats have an interesting reaction: after about 30 seconds it stops seeing the toy and begins to look through it.
  • Cats can be taught. The problem is that people aren’t trying hard enough to educate.
  • Cats do not consider the owner the one who feeds. If you want a cat to consider you a master, you must either pick it up from your parents as a kitten or bring it up (that is, punish it for dirty tricks and forbid filth). And the one who is feeding is just the one who is feeding
  • In education, logic and consistency are important. If the cat decides that you find fault where there isn’t one, then it will either write everything off to your bad mood and continue playing with curtains later, or it will be offended and will do something different.