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5 Famous Movies That Could Have Remained Just an Idea, Because No One Believed in Their Success

A cool plot isn’t enough to make a movie. Studios refuse directors, actors consider films unsuccessful, and sometimes there is simply not enough money to implement ideas. This article will focus on films that you and I might not have seen at all. Indeed, many did not believe in their success. However, some people brought the matter to the end. These masterpieces have found colossal success and brought huge box office receipts.

We have studied the history of sensational films and among them, we found 11 films, the creation of which was a real challenge. We wanted to revisit these masterpieces again. Join us.

Pulp Fiction

“This is the worst scenario ever written. It will turn out to be a meaningless, long and violent film,”— this is what the movie bosses of TriStar Pictures said after reading the script. Studio chairman Mike Medavoy considered the project “too crazy”.

Then the film’s producer Laurence Bender brought the script to Miramax. The project immediately won over the company’s executives. The studio shot the film — and it was right. “Pulp Fiction” is one of the most significant films of its time.

IMDb rating – 8.9

Back to the Future

The script was rejected over 40 times by every major studio. The reasons for the refusal were different: someone considered the idea too cute and childish and suggested contacting Disney. Someone didn’t believe that a movie about time travel could bring a good income.

Director Robert Zemeckis and producer Bob Gale decided to present Disney “Back to the Future” but were refused, as the film studio considered that the story in which a mother falls in love with her son is not suitable for a family film. Finally, Universal Pictures became interested in the project. Back to the Future became the highest-grossing film in 1985.

IMDb rating – 8.5


Arnold Schwarzenegger did not like the film. In one interview, he admitted that he was filming “one lousy film”, which will take only a couple of weeks. Iron Arnie believed that if it failed, this film could not harm his career.

Schwarzenegger recalled in his memoir Total Recall that it took him a while to realize that The Terminator was a worthwhile film. Cameron’s agent didn’t like the concept of the film, he asked James to do another project. After that, Cameron fired his agent. For fans of the film, there is an interesting fact — Arnold Schwarzenegger says only 17 lines in The Terminator and less than 100 words. The franchise is already 36 years old.

IMDb rating – 8.0


In 2010, things were bad for Metro Goldwyn Mayer: there was so little money that the studio bosses wondered if a continuation of Bond was necessary at all. And the leading actor Daniel Craig doubted whether to take part in the filming. After all, the audience did not appreciate the previous series of the franchise.

Fortunately for the James Bond lovers, they found the funds and a phased work began on the film. Skyfall managed to conquer the audience and found great success.

IMDb rating – 7.7


Ryan Reynolds loved the idea of ​​a reckless superhero and had long wanted to play a role in a film. But they didn’t really believe in Reynolds’s venture, the script moved from studio to studio. 20th Century Fox agreed to direct the film, but the priority was to shoot another film — “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, so that shooting for “Deadpool” started later.

Deadpool was a huge success and was named one of the best films of 2016 according to many publications. Box office receipts of $783 million were proof of this.
IMDb rating – 8.0