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3 More Books for Happy Thoughts

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2020 has been hard for so many. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, people are desperate for something positive and optimistic. So we decided to continue the first list and present you with three more books for lifting moods up.

Factfulness: The Ten Reason We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

by Ola Rosling, Hans Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are  Better Than You Think: Rosling, Hans, Rönnlund, Anna Rosling, Rosling, Ola:  9781250107817: Amazon.com: Books

If you are overwhelmed by the negativity that pours from all screens: the news is one-sided and negative, the statistics are growing and progressing for the worse, fakes are blooming and not refuted, the publication “Factology” – a pill for the wound of an informationally exhausted person.

Hans Rosling is a professor, MD, WHO and UNICEF advisor, co-founder of Doctors Without Borders in Sweden and the Gapminder Foundation.

Together with his co-authors, he delved into 10 irrational human instincts. These human traits are often the result of a one-sided view of facts, a thickening of colors, and a negative worldview.

The scientist’s publication shifts the prism and explains how to really analyze information, how to take into account one’s own emotions, as well as to master fears, generalizations and guilt.

The publication is full of examples that inspire the belief that the world is much better than the picture in the news and the main thing is your ability to perceive reality, not imposed angles.

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A Walk In The Woods: The World’s Funniest Travel Writer Takes a Hike

by Bill Bryson

A Walk In The Woods: The World's Funniest Travel Writer Takes a Hike:  Amazon.co.uk: Bryson, Bill: 0787721866800: Books

An exciting adventure, a long journey to a new country or part of the world – a pleasure that is now extremely difficult to obtain.

Right now, travel is difficult and dangerous, especially abroad. Then the thirst for travel can be quenched by the experience of reading.

Writer and journalist Bill Bryson one day grabbed his friend and decided to walk the Appalachian Trail (The route is about 3.5 thousand kilometers from Mount Catadine in the north to Springer Mountain in the south in the North American mountain system of the Appalachians.)

This hiking trail is full of trials and wildlife in its rather radical manifestations, such as a bear waiting for you behind the next tree. But neither this nor the fact that the travelers were not ready to travel physically stopped the two ardent men.

Finally, we have a humorously written publication about one of the most interesting tourist routes.

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The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy

by Laurent Gounelle

The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy: Gounelle, Laurent: 9781401938178:  Amazon.com: Books

The publication, which contains three guarantees of positive emotions: unobtrusive motivation in art form, events that take place on the warm and fabulously beautiful island of Bali, and the author has a degree in psychology, so he does not flow from empty to empty, but knows what he is talking about.

Lauren Hennel is a French writer, author of the world bestseller “God Always Travels Incognito”, a psychologist and personality development specialist.

In this issue, Lauren tells the story of a boy named Julian, who, despite his success, did not feel happy.

The Baltic sage Samtyan will help him find the way to life balance. As it turns out, this is not even a way or a thing or an act – it is knowledge.

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