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20+ Facts About Keanu Reeves, One of the Kindest and Most Generous Actors in Hollywood

Keanu Reeves turns 56 on September 2. Many consider him to be one of the most amazing and moving actors in Hollywood. His kind and generous deeds are legendary, and many films with his participation have become truly iconic for several generations. In a Time magazine article, the actor was called “the absolute introvert of Hollywood” and also described him as a charming and “painfully shy” workaholic.

We dug deeply into the biography of one of our favorite actors and came to the conclusion that if any of the stars is worthy of universal love, it is definitely Keanu Reeves.

  • Keanu Charles Reeves was born in the Lebanese capital of Beirut to an English woman and a native of Hawaii. On his paternal side, Reeves has Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian and even Chinese roots.
  • The name “Keanu” is translated from Hawaiian as “cool wind over the mountains.” Due to the unusual name at the very beginning of his acting career, Reeves considered taking a pseudonym. Among the options were: KC Reeves, Norman Creeves and Chuck Spadina.
  • Keanu’s father had legal problems and left his family when the boy was 3 years old. Reeves last saw his father at the age of 13 and has not kept in touch with him since.
  • After the divorce, Keanu’s mother went with him to Sydney, where his younger sister Kim was born, and then to New York. There she married Hollywood director Paul Aaron, and the family soon moved to Canada.
  • Keanu spent his childhood in Toronto, where he had 2 more sisters. At school, the future star studied rather reluctantly, since almost all subjects were difficult for him. The fact is that Keanu and his sister Kim had dyslexia – a violation of the perception of oral and written speech. In addition, Reeves had a rather explosive personality. In 5 years, he changed 4 schools: he was constantly expelled because he was “too violent.”
  • But the boy succeeded significantly in hockey – in the team he had the nickname Wall. He even dreamed of getting into the Olympic team, but because of an injury he had to quit the sport: “At first I wanted to become a hockey player. I was a shy child. I felt confident only on the ice. And then suddenly he starred in several commercials, that’s all. I wanted to make some extra money. “
  • At the age of 15, Keanu decided to become an actor. He even got a job in a special school, which allowed him to combine studies and acting. As a result, he dropped out of school at the age of 17, and did not receive a certificate of secondary education.
  • Soon, the aspiring actor moved to Los Angeles – in this he was helped by his former stepfather Paul Aaron. After several small roles in the career of Reeves, there was a breakthrough: he was given a prominent role in the drama “On the Riverbank”. True, after that, the actor began to be offered rather similar roles in films for teenagers.
  • During the filming of Dracula, a rather curious episode happened. According to the script, the heroes Keanu and Winona were supposed to have a wedding. And not so long ago, the actress admitted that maybe they actually got married on the set: “We got married during the filming of Dracula. No, I swear, I feel like we are really married. For this scene, Francis Ford Coppola brought in a real Romanian priest. He performed a full-fledged ceremony, so I think we are married. “
  • When Reeves found out about this, he was shocked. He asked Ryder, “Did we say yes?” She confirmed and noted that it was just on Valentine’s Day. To this, Keanu said only: “Damn it, we’re married.”
  • In the early 90s, Reeves became interested in music. He was the bassist and backing vocalist for the grunge band Dogstar. However, when they were invited to one of the festivals called Metalfest, the band was booed, because it played not as heavy music as everyone else. Keanu recalled that the crowd threw cans at them. This did not upset him, but made him laugh. Dogstar even released 2 albums, but then Keanu left the band due to his busy filming schedule.
  • The next step in her acting career was the role in the film “Devil’s Advocate”. In order for the eminent Al Pacino to take part in the picture, Keanu easily agreed to significantly reduce his own fee. Later, he will do the same for the film “Understudies” for the sake of participating in the project of “Oscar-winning” Gene Hackman.
  • Of course, Keanu’s finest hour was filming in The Matrix. However, the Wachowski brothers initially saw Johnny Depp in this role, and Warner Bros wanted to invite Brad Pitt. Fortunately, in the end, the choice fell on Reeves, and today we can not imagine anyone else in the image of Neo.
  • Along with the movie triumph, a series of personal tragedies fell upon the actor. First, his beloved, actress Jennifer Syme, lost their common child in the last month of pregnancy, and soon she herself died in a car accident.
  • A couple of years later, his younger sister Kim fell ill with leukemia, and Keanu moved in with her to be around and help. He postponed all filming and contracts since the family has always been in the first place for him. Kim says about his brother: “Keanu is my world. When I was bad, he was always there. He took me in his arms, circled in a dance, and I felt better.” The actor has invested several million dollars in research in the field of cancer, and also founded a fund to fight this disease.
  • By the way, the actor bought his first house at the age of 39. Prior to that, he lived in hotels, the most favorite of which was the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. In an interview, the actor admitted: “I give out a lot and live simply, mostly on a suitcase in hotels. We all know good health is more important. ”
  • Many media outlets wrote about the story that happened during the filming of The Matrix. After the overwhelming success of the first film, the actor allegedly decided to give up part of his future fees in favor of costume designers and special effects staff. However, this information has not been confirmed. But it is known for certain that after filming The Matrix Reloaded, Keanu gave 12 stuntmen new Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In an interview, the actor said: “We all worked together, trained. I just wanted to thank all those guys who helped me do this.”
  • In addition, Reeves once presented one of the film’s decorators with a luxurious Christmas present. After learning that the man had family problems, Keanu presented him with an award of $20K.
  • Also, many colleagues who worked with Keanu, more than once noted his courtesy and attentiveness. He always tried to get to know each member of the team and remembered all the names.
  • By the way, Reeves himself is very fond of motorcycles and perfectly controls them. He has this love since childhood: “Where I grew up in Toronto, every summer motorcycle gangs gathered in a place called Yorkville. These motorcycles and these pirate-like people kind of touched the heart of that 10-year-old. ” The actor has a large motorcycle collection, in addition, he co-founded the ARCH Motorcycle motorcycle company in Los Angeles.
  • In 2014, Keanu Reeves had a new career takeoff. Then he played the main role in the action movie “John Wick”, in 2017 the second part of the film was released, and after 2 years – the third. All 3 films received positive reviews from critics.
  • Now the actor is filming a sequel to the Matrix franchise, which should come out in 2022. In addition, a new film has recently been released with the participation of Reeves – “Bill and Ted Face the Music.”
  • Interestingly, during his career, Reeves starred in more than 70 films, but at the same time he was never nominated for any major film awards.
  • And before that, the fans of the actor announced June 15 as an unofficial day to cheer up Keanu Reeves. Such a comic holiday appeared after photos of a sad Keanu, eating a sandwich on a bench, hit the Internet. In general, he quite often likes to dine alone on a bench.
  • There is also a movement in the world called the Keanu Code. Followers of this movement believe that by studying Reeves’ films, you can learn about the hidden secret forces that control our world. The founder of the theory draws parallels between philosophical concepts and symbolism of the most iconic films of the actor, such as “The Matrix”, “The Devil’s Advocate”, “Constantine”. His research suggests that there are “invisible aspects of our reality” that control our lives. So humanity needs to “wake up, learn to live well and have fun.”
  • But Reeves himself doesn’t like to speak about his spiritual convictions, emphasizing that it is very personal. At one time it was believed that Keanu is a Buddhist, but the actor himself said that he has a great interest and respect for Buddhism, but “did not find refuge in it.” When asked about life after death, Keanu replied, “I know that those who love us will miss us.”