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20+ Facts About Famous Brands That Turned Out to Be Much Cooler Than We Imagined

Brands are an integral part of our lives. They surround us everywhere: no matter what we do and wherever we go, everywhere we come across advertisements and familiar logos. But what do we know about the companies that define what we eat and wear? It turns out that there are amazing facts in the history of each of them. For example, you hardly knew that the Korean giant Samsung not only produces electronics but also builds ships.

We have studied the history of famous brands and unearthed some really amazing facts that will be a discovery for many.


McDonald’s is the largest toy supplier in the world. Thanks to the Happy Meal set, the company sells 1.5 million toys every year.

McDonald’s has its own educational institution that trains employees for the chain’s restaurants. The so-called University of Hamburgerology is located in 8 cities of the world, including Moscow.

women in traditional dresses walking on street

Before entering a new market, the company studies the culture of the country and the eating habits of its inhabitants. This has helped McDonald’s to achieve unprecedented success in India and open 250 restaurants in the state where no beef is eaten. Recall that the main ingredient in burgers is beef. McDonald’s has developed a special menu especially for India, most of which are vegetarian. And the famous Big Mac is with a chicken cutlet.

You can officially get married at McDonald’s. However, the service is only available in Hong Kong. The McWedding package, which is HK$2,999 ($​​387), includes restaurant decoration, wedding gifts, invitations, and DJ work.

Many people find that the cola sold at McDonald’s tastes much better than other fast-food restaurants. And indeed it is. The fact is that most fast-food chains supply Coca-Cola in plastic containers, which negatively affects the taste of the drink. And McDonald’s gets cola in stainless steel containers.


screw lot on paper

IKEA uses Swedish words, place names and names that are difficult to pronounce in other languages ​​as names for its products. This system was invented due to the fact that the founder of the company, Ingvar Kamprad, suffered from a special form of dyslexia and was confused about numbers.

Every fifth person sleeps on an IKEA mattress. And every tenth European is conceived on the bed of the brand. This has already become a kind of slogan for the company.

In IKEA, the future value of the product is first determined, and only then the designers and constructors get down to work and do everything possible not to exceed the indicated figure. 

IKEA is known not only for its furniture, but also for its food. Each store of the brand has a restaurant where customers can eat while shopping. The idea to open a cafe inside the supermarket came to the founder when he realized that people leave IKEA without shopping, because they are simply hungry.


white and gray digital device

Samsung announced smartwatches long before the Apple Watch. In 1999, the company presented a unique gadget to the world – a watch with which it was possible not only to determine the time but also to make a phone call lasting 90 minutes.

Screens for iPhone X and XS are made by Samsung.

Samsung has 14 R&D centers around the world and 7 specialized enterprises in Korea that research topics ranging from nanotechnology to medicine.


close-up photography of red and white Coca-Cola trailer

Coca-Cola is the first-ever Olympic sponsor. The company first sponsored the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam.

Coca-Cola has over 3,500 drinks in its range, and if you sample one of them every day, it will take you over 9 years to taste them all.

The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognized by 94% of the world’s population. Just think about it!

There are only 2 countries in the world where Coca-Cola is not legally sold: North Korea and Cuba. But even here they cannot resist the famous soda. In North Korea, there is a Chinese drink that tastes the same as cola but has a different label. Cola is imported to Cuba from Mexico.


The Google Images feature was coined by Jennifer Lopez’s dress. The singer made a splash in a green Versace outfit at the 2000 Grammy Awards, and users began looking for photos from the red carpet. But at that time it was impossible to find the image so easily on the net. And then the Google developers came up with the idea of ​​creating a “search by picture” service.

In 2013, Google went offline for 5 minutes. As a result, the volume of global Internet traffic decreased by 40%.

Autocomplete speeds up searches by 25% and saves more than 200 years of typing every day.


Spanish Retail At Zara Store As Spain Ahead Of Sunday's Election : News Photo

It takes 38 minutes to sew one Zara shirt, and its retail price is 3 times higher than the cost price.

Zara spends almost no money on advertising (only about 0.3 of its income). Instead, it focuses on the aesthetics of retail space and opens its stores in the most advantageous locations: in city centers and adjacent to high-end boutiques. Thanks to this, buyers subconsciously associate the brand with the luxury class.

Zara is considered the pioneer of the concept of “fast fashion”: the company renews its collections twice a month. This, according to the brand owners, fuels consumer interest. While shoppers visit regular clothing stores about four times a year, they visit Zara about 17 times a year, as there are always new items awaiting them. By the way, due to the Zara phenomenon, some luxury brands (Prada, Louis Vuitton) began to release 6 collections annually.

Zara invests huge amounts of money in technology and research. The company collects and analyzes any information about customers. Thanks to this, for example, they know what the average weight of customers living in the neighborhood of a particular store is. This allows Zara to cut down on unnecessary costs and offer consumers exactly the things they really need.


man in black standing front of clear glass door panel with gray wooden frame

In 1989, Nike released a video featuring the Kenyan Samburu tribe. At the end of the video, one of them says a phrase in their native language, which the company has translated as “Just do it.” In fact, the Kenyan said, “I don’t want these. Give me bigger sneakers. ” Nike responded by saying, “We thought no one in America would know what he said.”

Many Nike ad videos have received honorary awards, including Emmy and Golden Lions, which are awarded to the best advertising work at the Cannes Lions Festival.

Nike is very eco-friendly. The company has a special program called Nike Grind, in which it recycles plastic waste (old shoes, bottles, etc.) and produces sports equipment and other new goods from it. The soles of many of the brand’s iconic models are 75% recycled.

Everything Nike touches becomes successful. In 2003, the firm spent $309 million for a company on the brink of bankruptcy, Converse, and within a few years, turned the bankrupt manufacturer of sneakers into one of the best-selling brands of athletic shoes with annual revenue of $1.91 billion.