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15 Starbucks Secrets That Even the Most Dedicated Fans Don’t Know

Starbucks Coffee building during daytime

Who among us does not know how pleasant it is to go to a coffee shop, order a large cup of hot cappuccino, sit by the window and just relax. It is clear that Starbucks has chosen its mission to become a third home, which is always a pleasure to return to and stay for an hour. And the popularity of these coffee houses is a clear sign that they are doing well. But even regular customers, who have been visiting them for years and know all the baristas by sight, are unaware of the burning secrets of the company.

We were surprised at how thoughtful and unexpected features Starbucks turned out to have and decided to tell you about them.

Starbucks employees have their own way of taking revenge on rude and licentious customers: they won’t scream or insult such people, but they will serve decaf coffee.

At some point, Starbucks ditched pre-ground coffee: the barista must grind the beans right before brewing the coffee drink.

Prices in the menu are indicated without the $ sign (or other currencies). Starbucks believes that seeing the currency icon, the visitor begins to consider the drink more expensive.

All the staff hates it when you throw coffee in the trash can. Yes, sometimes you don’t want to finish it. But then someone has to empty the trash bag half full of liquid. Moreover, some also manage to spill a little drink on the floor in front of the urn. Feel free to ask the barista to pour the coffee into the sink, or just take a cup with you to see if you can finish drinking along the way.

Holiday drinks can be ordered 1–2 weeks before the official release, since by this time all the necessary ingredients are already in stock. But you need to be very polite and nice to the barista in order for them to meet you halfway and make an exception.

coffee beans beside Starbucks coffee mug

If you want decaffeinated coffee, it’s best to order filter coffee. Because a regular drink barista can make with caffeine in a hurry or just out of habit.

The coffee used for iced drinks is much stronger than regular espresso (because the ice will melt and make the drink watery). If you want something extra strong, ask for ice coffee, but no ice. Of course, you cannot avoid surprised looks, because it is unlikely that a barista is asked for this every day.

You can order a “baby temperature” drink, and it will not burn your tongue. You can simply specify that you want coffee heated to 50–60°C. This temperature is ideal if you intend to drink on the go or are just in a hurry.

Each coffee shop has a 10-minute rule. Despite the stated opening hours, establishments open 10 minutes earlier and close 10 minutes later.

When a hungry visitor decides to grab a bite to eat in this chain, they believe that the food here is at least healthier than in a fast-food cafe. But they’re wrong: most of the sandwiches on the menu contain around 500 calories, while the McDonald’s double cheeseburger contains 430 calories.

man wearing black sweatshirt

Working in a coffee shop makes the barista addicted to coffee. And it is not surprising, because each employee is entitled to several cups of any drinks and one dish from the menu for free. If they go to Starbucks on their day off, they get about 30% off everything (and even more on holidays).

The prices on the menu almost never end with the number 9, because the customer associates 9 with fast food.

Pumpkin spice drinks don’t actually contain pumpkin. But there is cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice – about the same as usually put in pumpkin pie.

Since Starbucks introduced smartphone checkout, roughly 1/5 of all orders in the world are made through the phone.

If you pay for your order in the app or through the terminal, you are offered three options for the number of tips. This is because the psychologists who help design these systems know that you are more likely to choose the middle option because people don’t want to feel too greedy or too generous.