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14 Facts About Animals That Will Make Your Heart Warm

Despite the general availability of any information, we still do not know much, especially about the life of animals. So, we only today learned that bees sometimes sleep in flowers, aquarium fish recognize their owners, and the formidable cheetah is an extremely shy animal that often gets a friend – a guide dog.

We have unearthed some more cute facts about animals, after reading which you will feel much warmer in your soul. And in the end, you will find out what a common fact about elephants actually turned out to be a myth.

Rats love to play hide and seek and squeal joyfully when they are found

white mouse in cage

A group of German neurologists conducted experiments with rats for several weeks and found out that rats adore playing hide and seek. They skillfully hid, and when people found them, the animals squealed with joy. They did not even wait for a reward in the form of food, and just enjoyed the game.

Dogs that star in a movie need computer tails, as they can’t stop wiggling their own with joy

14 фактов о животных, от которых ваше сердце наполнится теплотой

Dogs when filming a movie often zealously wag their tails. They show joy from interacting with people, curiosity, sometimes excitement, or fear. The director absolutely does not like this state of affairs, especially if the plot of the film requires the dog to be formidable or if it plays the wolf. Therefore, after filming the dogs on the computer redraw their tails. In particular, they did this when creating the film “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (2005), in which the huskies played wolves.

Bees sometimes sleep in flowers

A photographer from Arizona, USA, Joe Neely managed to capture two bees that fell asleep right in the flower. This picture showed the unexpected side of insect life that we practically don’t see.

It is likely that your dog is dreaming about you

dog sleeping on bed

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that dogs dream like humans. And most often, pets dream about what they did while awake. Some run after a ball, others play with the owner or protect their yard from robbers. That is why dogs, when sleeping, can tremble, twitch their paws, whine, and even growl.

Aquarium fish can recognize their owners

five orange fishes on body of water

Scientists from Oxford University in the UK and the University of Queensland in Australia found that some aquarium fish, archers and goldfish in particular, are able to remember human faces and recognize their owner. This fact seems unbelievable also because the fish have a tiny brain. And during their evolution, they had no reason to learn to recognize people.

Dogs sneeze to let them know they like playing with the owner

white and black American pitbull terrier bit a yellow pig toy lying on grass outdoor during daytime

Many dog ​​owners notice that their pets often sneeze lightly during games. This is a completely normal and harmless phenomenon. The pet just reports that it gets a lot of pleasure! Sneezing during games is most often observed in small breeds.

In some languages, the word “raccoon” means “washing bear”

red panda beside river during daytime

In Japanese, Hungarian and Norwegian, the word “raccoon” is literally translated as “washing bear.” The fact is that before eating this predatory animal rinses its food. And it does this even in captivity when it receives perfectly clean food.

A “penguin” in Mandarin is a “business goose”

standing penguin on sand near snow covered mountain covering the sun from view at daytime

The word “penguin” in Mandarin – one of the dialects of Chinese – is written in two characters that mean “business” and “goose”. Therefore, in the literal translation from Mandarin, “penguin” means “business goose”.

Cheetah is a shy animal. Therefore, it gets a friend – a dog

14 фактов о животных, от которых ваше сердце наполнится теплотой
Cheetah Bakari and her best friend Miley, San Diego Zoo.

Despite the fact that cheetahs look like fearless and aggressive animals, they are, in fact, very shy. And those cheetahs that live in zoos are also often nervous, because of the constant stress they can not reproduce. In order to provide emotional support to these fastest cats on earth, zoos get guide dogs for young cheetahs. Subsequently, they become best friends.

Crows love to play in the snow

black bird on metal fence near tree with snow

Crows love to play in the snow. They especially like to slide down from snowy hills and sloping roofs. The proof of this is numerous eyewitness videos.

Squirrels protect themselves from snow and rain

squirrel on brown post

Adult squirrels use their tails as umbrellas when they leave their home in rainy or snowy weather.

It is forbidden to have one guinea pig in Switzerland

two brown and beige hamsters wallpaper

In Switzerland, the law prohibits having only one guinea pig, since they are very social. This is considered animal cruelty.

By the way, the same law prohibits keeping mice, gerbils, parrots, chinchillas, canaries, and some other birds alone. Domestic rabbits cannot be kept on their own for the first 8 weeks, after which they should be kept in groups. If this is not possible, they should at least hear and smell other rabbits.

Tully is a husky breed dog that behaves like a cat

14 фактов о животных, от которых ваше сердце наполнится теплотой

A few years ago, a dog named Tully became popular. The original owners raised her with cats. And Tally learned all the feline habits. 

Horses can be good friends with each other

selective focus photography of horses

As a study at the University of Aix-Marseille in France in the 1980s showed, horses can be big friends with those with whom they spend a lot of time together, working or relaxing.

Some time ago, a Reddit user told a slightly sad story:

“I had two draught horses that pulled a carriage at the ren fair together. They went NOWHERE alone. In the field, in the paddock, in the barn… They went 2×2 everywhere. The one passed at 29 – her BFF died 9 hours later of heartbreak, never leaving the side of the first one.”

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