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12 Signs That You Won’t Get Rich However Hard You Work

They say that the rich man is not the one who has a lot, but the one who has enough. But even from this point of view, not everyone can say to themselves: “I am rich.” It happens that a person tries to get rich by all means, but nothing happens. Sometimes external circumstances interfere, but more often the matter is in ourselves.

We tried to understand how rich people differ from the rest (in addition to the amount of money, of course) and found several obvious signs by which we can determine that a person probably won’t get rich.

They buy things they cannot afford

“In fact, you can’t afford a thing if you cannot buy it twice,” said musician and billionaire Jay-Z in an interview. This rule applies to all purchases other than real estate. If the phone, the cost of which is equal to your monthly salary, suddenly breaks, you can hardly buy the same the next day.

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They don’t have a financial cushion

Having a stock that will allow you to live for a couple of months, is one of the hallmarks of a person who has a good relationship with money. But the one who in any unexpected situation is forced to go into debt is clearly not yet ready to get rich. You can create savings on the advice of Warren Buffett: “Do not save the money left after spending. Spend the money left after you set aside some.”

They buy pleasure on credit

A vacation paid with a credit card is a clear sign that something is wrong with your finances. No one argues that a person needs to periodically rest and relax, but borrowing for this is a bad idea because instead of saving up for the next vacation, you will pay a loan for this one. One of the founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, did not advise spending money before you had it, and although there were no credit cards in his time, there were plenty of opportunities to get into debt.

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They often trow away food

If a person regularly takes out spoiled food in the trash, this means that they have problems even with planning the menu for several days in advance. In addition, products constitute a significant expense — in fact, you throw your money in the trash.

They are afraid to take risks

“How much do you know the millionaires who made a fortune in savings accounts?” — asked businessman Robert Allen. Continuing to do what you do, you will receive what you receive. This does not mean that you need to spend half of the salary on lottery tickets and invest the remainder in dubious stocks, but avoiding any risk in the hope of sitting in your comfort zone all your life isn’t going to help you get rich.

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They are not learning anything new

The world is changing at an incredible speed, and you have to run just to stay in place. If you do not regularly spend time and money on the acquisition and improvement of professional skills, then at best you will be able to maintain your current income level, but you will have to forget about wealth. When Elon Musk was asked how he learned to make rockets, he simply replied: “I read books.”

They spend free time on chores

Cooking and cleaning are activities that are difficult to avoid, but giving them too much time is also wrong. There are only 24 hours in a day, and after sleep and work, you have 5-6 at best. If you spend them on dusting, cooking lasagna, and roasting chicken, then there will be no time left to improve life. And when your time is more expensive than the services of professionals, it is more profitable to delegate household duties to them.

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They do not seek to earn more

Not everyone has the opportunity to radically change their profession, and even get more money than before, but even within the framework of one profession, salary offers can differ several times. And if your salary is not the highest in this area, then you are probably doing something wrong. Top managers of large companies assure that they agree with their employees if they give convincing arguments.

They do not keep track of their money

Business coach Jaime Tardi believes that “the main difference between the rich is that they control their money and do not allow money to control their lives.” If you do not care how much will remain in your wallet after you go to the store, then you are doing something wrong. In order to get rich, you need to know your income and expenses at every moment. This will help to plan the budget, prepare for unpleasant surprises, and, paradoxically, change your attitude to money for better.

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They share plans with everyone

It makes sense to tell what ways you plan to become richer only to those who support you, and there are not very many such people. Most will prefer “well-meaningly” lower you to earth and will begin to convince you that nothing will come of it. There is even the concept of “crab mentality” describing such behavior.

They know their limits

A person will not become rich if they does not understand what this means. Tunneling thinking, which protects your mind from unnecessary or harmful information, is also able to exclude from your reality “too expensive” products, entertainment, luxury goods so that you simply will not have the incentive to earn more. For example, the author is familiar with people who walk past shelves with seafood and delicacies, not noticing either the assortment or the prices. But the high price is just an excuse to ask myself: “What needs to be done so that I can afford it?”