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12 Adorable Facts About Foxes

brown and white fox

In almost every country on Earth, there’s at least one fairy tale in which a fox acts as the main character. The love for these animals is not surprising, because almost everyone knows about the cunning and dexterity of foxes.

But not a lot of people actually know what kind of animal this is, so we suggest that you read the selected facts and find out who is actually hiding behind the “mask” of a cunning, but a vulnerable animal.


Dogs and foxes are fairly close relatives and belong to the same family – dogs. The genus of foxes is quite extensive: it contains the American, and Afghan, and Tibetan foxes, and sand, and South African, and Bengal, and Fenech, which in Arabic also means a fox.


The fox is a predatory animal and lives in nature by hunting. It hunts at night, especially actively from midnight to dawn, which gave rise to abundant folklore about werewolf foxes. Nature equipped a fox for night hunts: she sees perfectly in the dark, because in its eyes there are special cells that reflect light and double the brightness of the image. And the fox’s hearing is magnificent – it hears the rustling of a mouse or a worm in the grass.

orange fox near trees


Like a man, a fox is monogamous, like a dog brings several puppies, and just like humans, both parents take care of cubs in foxes.


In Spanish, a fox is a “zorro”, so the famous movie hero had the nickname “Fox”, which apparently indicated his dexterity and cunning.


The first movie in the world cinema about a fox was released by V.A. Starevich, a Russian and French director. It was a puppet movie, full-length and animated. It brought its creator eight international awards.

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The smallest fox is a desert fox, or Fenech. These creatures are known for being very sociable, and they produce surprisingly loud sounds for such compact creatures. The weight of an adult Fenech usually does not exceed one and a half kilograms.


On the territory of Jordan, archaeologists discovered a grave with the remains of a man and his fox, who was, apparently, domesticated. If archaeologists are right, then ancient people tried to domesticate foxes even earlier than dogs.

red fox


In Japan and China, foxes were considered werewolves capable of bewitching a person and depriving him of his will. The main ability of a fox in the mythology of these countries is to take on a human form.


Foxes are born blind. Only on the 10-12th day do their eyes open. They reach certain independence only by the age of three months. All this time, the mother feeds them milk, and the father provides food for both the mother and the cubs.

brown fox on green grass during daytime


Several European countries dealt with their rabies problem by air-dropping vaccinated chicken heads for wild foxes to eat.


A young female Arctic fox fitted with a tracking device trekked 2,175 miles from Norway to Canada in 76 days, settling on Ellesmere Island in Canada. She traveled an average of 28 miles/day with a maximum pace of 96 miles/day, outpacing a previously tracked adult male fox by 1.4 times.

fox standing on brown soil with rocks


Foxes can jump 1 m in the air to dive 1 m into the snow to catch mice. They determine the speed and trajectory of the mouse before nose-diving with pinpoint accuracy.