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11 Psychological Reasons Why Some People Seem More Attractive to Us

We tend to think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, as the study shows, this is not entirely true. In fact, the truth is somewhere in between. Indeed, there are common standards of attractiveness, but our personal preferences also play a rather large role.

We at One Million Images decided to delve deeper into this topic and find out which features of people we consider more attractive without even realizing it.

man and woman smiling while laying on lawn field

1. Pupils

Pupils change their size in response to emotions, expanding when we are happy. Some studies have shown that we subconsciously consider people with large pupils more attractive, as this indicates their interest in us. In the past, Italian women deliberately dilated their pupils using the poisonous belladonna extract to appear more attractive to grooms.

2. The proportions of the waist

The ratio of waist to hips has always been considered one of the most important features in a woman’s appearance. And, according to some studies, the smaller the ratio of waist and hips, the more attractive a woman looks to a man.

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3. Symmetry of the face

Researchers have confirmed that we evaluate symmetrical faces as more attractive because it is easier for our eyes to perceive them. Another reason for this is that we biologically link symmetrical faces with good genes.

4. Typicality

According to the researchers, we prefer a more typical appearance than an unusual one. This may have different explanations: either we associate this with biological benefits, or our brain simply considers typical individuals more accessible to perception.

5. Diet

A small study showed that eating habits can make a man more attractive to a woman. The smell of men who recently ate fruits and vegetables turned out to be preferable to the smell of those who mainly ate foods such as bread and pasta.

6. Voice

According to the study, women associate the lower voices of men with maturity, which makes them more attractive.

7. Smell

The scent of a woman can actually affect the degree of her attractiveness to the opposite sex. But this is true for a certain smell: one that is associated with female reproductive hormones. According to the study, a woman at the stage of ovulation is much more attractive to men. The level of hormones at this time is higher and indicates the fertility of its owner.

8. Taste

When we kiss, we exchange many bacteria, and this, according to research, also has practical significance. This helps us figure out how good we are for this particular person. Thus, a person’s taste can make him more or less attractive to us.

9. Environment

University of California researchers found that people almost always look more attractive when they are in a group. This is because our brain processes the faces of people together, making each face “medium” – and therefore more attractive.

selective focus of man smiling near building

10. Pose

Research has shown that an open, confident pose will make you more attractive when you first meet someone. 

11. Facial expression

In two experiments, researchers from Switzerland examined the relationship between attractiveness and a smile. They found that the wider and sincere the smile, the more attractive the face seems to others. Indeed, a happy facial expression easily compensates for the relative unattractiveness.