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10+ Movie Myths That Are Completely False

Spectacular and exciting films impress not only the notorious moviegoers. Those who are well versed in history, physics, and other sciences also watch with enthusiasm modern colorful blockbusters and films based on real events. Still, these people will never miss the opportunity to tell the filmmakers what went so seriously wrong.

We that it’s very good to be an expert in something and notice the bloopers that are not obvious to the vast majority of viewers. In our today’s selection, there are myths that we all believe thanks to cinema.

  • When deciding the outcome of gladiatorial battles, the emperors did not put their fingers down, this myth appeared because of the painting “Police verso” by the artist Jean-Léon Jerome. And later the filmmakers developed it. According to some historians, a different gesture was used in real life: the finger was extended to the side and touched the neck, while the arm was bent.
  • In modern air combat, aircraft do not approach each other more than about 150 meters. Therefore, spectacular Hollywood fights are fake.
  • In cardiac arrest, chest compressions are first done to start circulation. Followed by defibrillation, which eliminates ventricular fibrillation, which in 10% of cases causes cardiac arrest. So cinematic scenes in which the heart is triggered by a single defibrillator discharge without indirect massage are as unrealistic as possible.
  • When opening the parachute, it is impossible to hear the noise of the wind. On the contrary, there is absolute silence. You will also not be able to talk to another skydiver during the flight.
  • Myth: if you work in the media, then once a month you can buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks. And money and time will be enough for gatherings with girlfriends in a cafe. The earnings of journalists around the world vary, but they are not always high. For example, the average salary of a journalist in Manolo Blahnik’s homeland, Spain, is $ 1,800, and Manolo Blahnik shoes will cost about $ 995. Of course, a successful journalist can earn much more but do not forget about utility bills and other compulsory expenses, after which it will hardly be possible to please yourself with expensive shoes every month.
  • By pretending to be insane, you cannot escape punishment for a crime. No matter how many films there are about maniacs-serial killers, lawyers almost never use the version that the criminal is insane, and it is extremely rare to obtain acquittals. Moreover, insane people are usually sent to compulsory treatment, and they spend about the same amount of time in the hospital as they would spend in prison.
  • A blow to the head cannot cause instant amnesia, just as a second blow will not restore memory.
  • The machine gun cannot fire for more than a minute. And in the magazines of some of them, only 30 rounds are placed, which are shot in just 4 seconds.
  • The silencer does not make the shot completely silent. It makes the sound safer for your hearing.
  • Quicksand does not suck you in immediatley. When immersed, they mix with water and become buoyant. Also, sands tend to liquefy.
  • A drowning person will not wave theit hands and loudly call for help. After all, they needs air in their lungs to breathe, and their hands help them stay above water.
  • Although the ventilation ducts are spacious, they are unlikely to be navigated. Firstly, the mount is not designed for the weight of a person, and secondly, screws stick out on the inside.
  • Bullets of ice that dissolve and leave no evidence for examination do not exist in real life.
  • Falling from a height, you cannot cling to things. That a person falls faster with every second – the strength of the fingers is not enough.
  • Gasoline is very volatile, so the footage from films where the ill-wisher pours gasoline on the car and slowly leaves, throwing the lighter, is nothing more than fiction. In real life, this is fraught with burns to the hands or eyes.
  • Chloroform is not able to put anyone to sleep instantly, so it is useless to put it on a rag and apply it to the face. This substance can really deprive a person of their senses, but this will take at least 5 minutes.
  • Movie characters often talk close to a helicopter that has landed. But the noise level of the engine and the sound of the rotating blades leave no chance of hearing anything.
  • A lie detector does not detect whether a person is telling the truth or lying. With its help, only the intensity of your emotions can be measured, and it often reacts even when the subject is not lying.