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10 Comedies to Help You Relax After a Busy Day

Who doesn’t like watching some funny and relaxing movie at the end of the day? But good movies aren’t just that. They also make you think. There is a place for something serious and important even in comedy. But don’t be scared, just smile, relax and watch some cool movies and TV shows from our selection.

A Dog’s Journey, 2019

The Bailey dog loves his master Ethan so much that he has no idea how he can leave him alone. So when he has to leave Ethan, Bailey makes an amazing decision, and in the result turns into a girl.

10 Years, 2011

The meeting of classmates 10 years after leaving school instead of fleeting joy and fun gave the main character Jake a surprise – a face-to-face encounter with his past in the face of first love. And although Jake is now happy in a relationship, doubts creep in: did he do the right thing then?

Atlanta, 2016 —

The series is about a simple guy Erna from Atlanta, Georgia. He has a girlfriend, a child, parents and a brother, but he has made a big mistake once and now wants to fix it, and of course, living conditions.

Last Vegas, 2013

Four loyal friends have been together for more than half a century. And when one of them decides to get married, they go to Vegas to party like there’s no tomorrow. However, even in a dream, they could not imagine how much the City of Sins has changed in recent decades.

At Middleton, 2013

The main characters George Hartman and Edif Martin meet when they send their children to college. Their first parental day at the school becomes truly romantic: you never know where you will find your happiness, because love is submissive to all ages.

The Rebound, 2009

A simple 25-year-old guy Eram, a coffee shop employee, meets the beautiful Sandy, who surprises him with an unexpected offer – to become a nanny for her child. He agrees and can’t even imagine, how it’ll turn out for him.

Nous finirons ensemble, 2019

A former millionaire, going through difficult times, decides to sell the villa on the seashore when a group of his old friends suddenly arrives, demanding the celebration of the birthday of his gloomy friend at all costs. Even against his will. Their strong friendship is tested because it is not so easy to find a common ground even with the closest people when the heart is not right.

The Rookie, 2018 —

It is not easy to start something in adulthood, but John Nolan decides to fulfill his childhood dream and become a policeman in Los Angeles. The future colleagues of the protagonist meet the newcomer by no means with open arms, but a sense of humor and optimism will save him in any situation.

Management, 2008

A convinced loner, Sue sells inexpensive art. Her main clients are hotels and motels, through which the main character travels in the hope of selling something from her collection. In one of the hotels manager Mike falls in love with her, but our heroine does not intend to give free rein to feelings, and Mike has no choice but to start chasing her lover in all states.

The Gentlemen, 2019

A film playwright with a very dark past decides to make a film about a real, very cool businessman who created his multi-million dollar empire in a not entirely legal way. An incredibly complex intrigue begins to spin around him, and who knows how it will all end.