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10 Changes in the Human Body That Prove That We Are Still Evolving

Did you notice how men began to go bald early, and modern children look older their age? Perhaps your body temperature is always slightly below normal, or you suffer from myopia from an early age. It turns out that more often it is the lifestyle that we consciously choose that significantly affects the evolution of modern people and determines what our descendants will be like.

Here are the changes that are taking place right before our eyes, and we are in a hurry to tell you about the most intriguing discoveries.

10. Freckles instead of sunscreen

Freckles appear when a person is in the sun a lot but disappear, unlike moles, when there is no excess UV radiation so that the skin can sunbathe and synthesize vitamin D.

Similar spots are found among owners of any color of skin and hair more often than before. It’s all about the gene with a mutation that once helped our ancestors master territories where there is a little sun in the winter and a lot in the summer. Today, freckles continue to protect us from excess sun.

9. Men go bald earlier

Modern life is often accompanied by constant stress and insomnia. Many have a predisposition to autoimmune diseases, hormonal disruptions. As a result, young people begin to bald, barely reaching 20 years old. Gradually, it becomes the norm.

A separate role in this is played by the popularity of veganism and vegetarianism. Refusing products of animal origin, people rarely turn to doctors to find a balanced diet. As a result, a lack of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin D, and other nutrients negatively affects the health and growth of the hair.

8. Natural birth is a thing of the past

The creation of a Caesarean section changed the bodies of women: many cannot give birth on their own anymore. That’s because the number of women with a narrow pelvis who give birth to children with a large head is growing. Scientists are afraid that in the future, due to a mismatch in the size of the baby’s head and the pelvis of a woman, a Caesarean section can completely replace natural birth.

7. Puberty begins at age 7

shallow focus photography of man in gray pullover hoodie

Modern children become sexually mature at 10–11 years old. And something similar had already happened before. In the Paleolithic era, the appearance of menstruation at the age of 7 was the norm for a girl. Later, this time moved, because people began to encounter various diseases and not enough food. The body spent all its resources so as not to die in the first 10 years of life. Today, conditions have become much better, and the age of physical growth has decreased again, so children 11–13 years old look older.

6. Decreases body weight

The lack of physical activity in the life of a modern person leads to the fact that, due to the lack of a normal load, the bones become less durable and lighter. To avoid this, scientists recommend exercising more often.

5. New blood types appear

Mutations during the evolution of modern man have led to the emergence of different blood groups. For example, a few people have “golden blood”. Its peculiarity is that it has a zero Rh factor, and this makes it especially valuable: it can be transfused to anyone who is a carrier of any other blood group in the Rh factor system.

4. People are losing their immunity

Due to the fact that we always strive for perfect cleanliness, the number of people suffering from allergies, autoimmune disorders, and asthma is growing. Immunity has fewer opportunities to come into contact with pathogens, so it becomes hypersensitive and attacks our body itself.

A negative effect is the desire of people to rely on drugs even in cases where the immune system can cope with germs on its own without harm. As a result, we become weaker and more vulnerable to disease.

3. Myopia develops from an early age.

person holding eyeglasses

Modern children spend several hours a day in front of the gadget or computer screen. As a result, there is a change in the work of their eyes. They can see very closely but are not able to distinguish objects in the distance. The development of myopia can be slowed down but cannot be stopped. As a result, the only solution to the problem is surgery or glasses.

2. Teeth develop worse

Scientists have noticed that malocclusion and crooked teeth are more common in children living in cities with high living standards. At the same time, their peers, who often eat solid food, which is a more traditional way of life, have slightly wider dental arches, the bite is correct, and the teeth themselves grow more even. So changes in nutrition directly affected the development of the jaw of a person. 

1. Body temperature decreases

Ear thermometer for checking fever

At the end of the 19th century, a German doctor stated that the average body temperature of a healthy person is 37 ° C. As evidence, he cited research data from 25 thousand patients. So that was a temperature standard on mercury thermometers.

But over the past century, we have “cooled down” a little. The temperature of 36.6 ° C is new normal. According to scientists, this is due to the development of medicine, due to which inflammatory processes inside us have become rare. Therefore, the body stopped producing large quantities of proteins that accelerate metabolism and thereby increase body temperature.